Pro-abortion thug faces battery of charges for unprovoked attack on Life Chain woman

By Dave Andrusko

Jordan Hunt

NRL News Today readers will recall the name Jordan Hunt. He was the tough guy who roundhouse-kicked an unsuspecting woman at a Life Chain rally in Toronto.

Hunt, a hair dresser, faces nine counts of assault and seven counts of mischief under $5,000 relating to his attack on Marie-Claire Bissonnette, the youth coordinator with Campaign Life Coalition, according to multiple Canadian outlets. Hunt, 26, reportedly surrendered to police on Saturday.

Hunt’s actions were caught on video by Bissonnette before her phone was knocked out of her hands during a Life Chain rally at Keele and Bloor Streets on September 30.

“It’s not the first time I’ve experienced physical aggression from people who disagree with our message,” Bissonnette told the Toronto Sun, “I don’t think it’s acceptable to show any physical violence to anyone who disagrees with you.”

Bissonnette first told her story publicly in a post at LifeSiteNews. Mr. Hunt had already been aggressively hostile before he physically attacked Ms. Bissonnette. She wrote

Life Chain is an annual event which consists of thousands of pro-life women, men and children standing on over 200 street corners across Canada holding signs that read, “Abortion Hurts Women”, “Abortion Kills Children,” “Adoption, the Loving Option”, “Life, We Stand On Guard For Thee”, and “Pregnant and need help? Call (local pregnancy help centre phone number)”. This is an explicitly peaceful and silent protest. Participants are not allowed to begin conversations with passersby, nor are they allowed to display any aggressive behaviour at any point. No abortion victim photography is permitted. ..

One pro-abortion woman, probably in her late twenties, stood amongst us holding a sign that read, “My body, my choice, my right”. She was the only counter-protester present throughout, and she peacefully shared the corner with the rest of us.

According to Bissonnette, Hunt defaced two of their signs. “After I warned people to shield their signs, he then proceeded to run up behind five of the participants (including a ten-year-old girl) and scribble with his markers on their backs, ruining their clothing.”

Following that, matters escalated

After these acts of vandalism, he approached the pro-abortion demonstrator, evidently in order to seek her approval, which she appeared to deny him by discouraging his tactics. At this point I took out my cell phone and began to record him, telling him that what he did was destruction of private property and it was against the law. He asked me whether a sixteen-year-old girl who gets pregnant after being raped should keep her baby. I attempted to explain that her baby should be treated no differently than a three-year-old child who may have been conceived by rape.

According to Bissonnette’s account, Hunt

then forcefully roundhouse-kicked me in the shoulder, which sent my phone flying and I yelled for someone to call the police. In defence of his violence he claimed he’d meant to kick my phone, and then, as a fellow Life Chain participant dialed 9-1-1, he yanked off the ribbon I’d been wearing on my chest and ran away, heading east on Bloor.

Bissonnette wrote that Hunt

yanked off the ribbon I’d been wearing on my chest and ran away, heading east on Bloor.

A police car arrived, five to ten minutes later. The policemen rolled down their window but did not exit their vehicle.

I approached them and told them I was just assaulted and explained the situation. I showed them the video. They replied,

“What do you want us to do about it?”

Bissonnette filed a report with the Toronto Police. Hunt surrendered to authorities on Saturday and appeared in court at Old City Hall the same day.