Former pro-choicer denounces partial-birth abortion

By Sarah Terzo

Former pro-choice activist Barbara Curtis wrote:

“Twenty–seven years ago, nine black-robed men handed feminists a triumph….

How about it, sisters? Especially those of you who rode the crest of the second wave [feminism] with me: Did you ever dream that this was where we were headed? Did you ever dream we would call a politician a friend to women no matter how flagrantly he exploited them as long as he continued to back abortion on demand? Did you ever dream we would enter the realms of denial required to condone a procedure in which a perfectly viable infant is pulled feet first through the birth canal until all but her head is exposed, then stabbed in the skull to suck out her brains, delivered dead and sold to the highest bidder for body parts?

That’s “a certain type of late–term procedure,” according to modern feminists, who have twisted themselves like pretzels to pretend the dream did not turn into a nightmare.”

Barbara Curtis, “The Sisterhood, 27 Years Later” The Washington Times, January 24, 2000.

She is referring to the struggle to ban partial-birth abortions.

These abortions were later banned, but late-term D&E abortions are just as brutal.