Diana Johnson releases text of bill to decriminalize abortion in Northern Ireland

The Bill will be debated on October 23

This dangerous bill must not pass

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Diana Johnson MP presenting her first decriminalisation bill in 2017.

Diana Johnson, the Labour MP for Hull North, has released the text of her upcoming abortion decriminalisation ten minute rule bill.

Showing just how much the abortion industry is behind this parliamentary move, it was uploaded onto a BPAS [British Pregnancy Advisory Service ]campaign website called “Now for NI” and was “drafted with support of Amnesty International UK, the Family Planning Association, BPAS, Professor Sally Sheldon and others.”

Amnesty also released polling which they say supports the imposition of abortion on Northern Ireland.

The public must be able to lobby politicians on abortion

“This extreme bill would remove abortion from the criminal law in England and Wales, and also impose abortion on Northern Ireland by overruling devolution,” said SPUC Deputy Chief Executive John Deighan.

“Decriminalising abortion treats it like a medical treatment which should be regulated by the healthcare profession – it is not. Abortion does not cure any disease, but is the deliberate ending of an innocent human life. There is strong social controversy about abortion, particularly around allowing it on demand, at the expense of the taxpayer. It is thus ridiculous to suggest that the power to regulate it be taken away from elected politicians and handed to factions of the medical profession, who won’t have to answer to anyone. It is vital that the democratic link be maintained and the public can lobby their accountable politicians about this matter.”

Campaign with us to Kill the Bill!

SPUC supporters are already campaigning hard to defeat this bill, Mr Deighan said. “Now that the text of the Bill has been published, we will be campaigning all the harder,” he said. “As well as the dangers for women and unborn children, the Bill as it stands has very alarming clauses about making it legal to conceal the birth of a child and about conscientious objection. It must not be allowed to progress.”

Extremist abortion agenda, not human rights

SPUC spokesman in Northern Ireland Liam Gibson also slammed the attempt by MPs outside Northern Ireland to impose abortion on the Province. He said

“The pro-life people of Northern Ireland are being attacked on all sides. What is being proposed would leave unborn children with absolutely no legal protection. That idea is shocking in itself but the way the pro-abortion lobby in the House of Commons is going about this flies in the face of the democratic rule of law. Diana Johnson represents no one in Northern Ireland, her party doesn’t even stand candidates for election here.

“In joining with militant abortion providers to draft this bill, Amnesty International is pushing the extremist agenda of the abortion industry rather than promoting genuine human rights. They claim to be defending human rights but abortion is not a human right. No such right has ever been recognised in international law.”

The Bill will be debated on October 23.