Woman 30 weeks pregnant authorized by Indian court to abort

Abortionists given immunity if something happens to the mother

By Dave Andrusko

Bombay High Court

In a decision loaded with tragedy, last Friday the Bombay high court ruled that a woman could abort her 30-week-old unborn child because an ultrasound was said to have detected “multiple neurological abnormalities,” the Times of India reported.” According to Shibu Thomas, the scan found schizencephaly, a rare congenital brain malformation which is not fatal.

“’It is possible that continuance of pregnancy will cause grave injury to the mental health of the woman,’ said a division bench of Justice Abhay Oka and Justice Ajay Gadkari,” Thomas reported.

What was clear, however, is that the pregnant mother already has a 5-year-old child with Down syndrome which is a huge factor in the couple’s request and that the abortionists who will perform the abortion will “enjoy immunity and would not be held responsible if something goes wrong.” The abortionists will come from the same medical board who okayed the abortion which, at that very advanced stage, could be very dangerous for the woman.

According to Thomas, the 33-year-old woman discovered she was pregnant in February and that all scans were normal until August when “an ultra-sonography revealed neurological abnormalities.” The woman approached the court last week for permission to abort.

“In the woman’s petition, it was said that if the child was born, great physical and mental hardship to would be caused to the parents,” according to Thomas. “The woman contended that continuing her pregnancy would endanger her life.”

The abortion technique that will be used was not spelled out. As one commenter noted, the baby is nearly full grown. If delivered by C-Section, the child would presumably be born alive unless he or she is killed in utero.