One Ohio Abortion Facility Sues Another and the Hypocrisy Is Astounding

By Katie Franklin

A few weeks ago, pro-life Ohioans caught a major break when one Columbus abortion facility decided to sue another, providing a small but wonderful glimpse into the hypocrisy of Big Abortion.

Alleging lease violations, breach of contract, and other charges, Founder’s Women’s Health Center formally initiated a lawsuit against Your Choice Healthcare, a new abortion facility which opened following a business split that forced Founder’s to temporarily close at the end of June.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the lawsuit asks the Franklin County Common Pleas Court for an order that would prohibit Your Choice from operating, claiming that the new abortion business is improperly using proprietary information and assets of Downtown Gynecologists, Inc.—the group that runs Founder’s—such as its phone number, website, policies, and forms.

With all these accusations of falsified ownership at play, you could say, in a sense that Your Choice has been accused of being a “fake clinic” — a charge the abortion industry infamously lobs at pro-life pregnancy help centers for telling women the truth about abortion and the dignity of human life.

Yes, Founder’s and Your Choice certainly still agree on the right to abort innocent children, and no, they would never openly identify one another as a “fake clinic.”

But seeing them at odds in a business dispute like this presents a valuable opportunity to review the abortion lobby’s extraordinary hypocrisy when it comes to holding abortion clinics accountable to the letter of the law and basic medical ethics.

“Real Clinics”

For a sense of that hypocrisy, just take a look at the haughty tone that Your Choice takes against pro-life pregnancy help centers on its website.

There—against a backdrop of glitter-filled pill capsules that show how hip and magical abortion can be—Your Choice advertises chemical abortions starting at a hefty $525.

After outlining the costly process by which the clinic poisons its clients’ unborn babies, the site takes aim at pro-life pregnancy help centers, resorting to the tired “fake clinic” rhetoric the abortion lobby has employed against them for the last several years.

“You deserve a real clinic,” the website says. “Not one of those religious pregnancy centers where they pretend to offer abortions until they get you through the door. When you searched online, you probably noticed there are more fake clinics than real ones. Finding an actual abortion provider in Ohio isn’t easy. We’re glad you found us…”

Because apparently, a “real clinic” looks like rainbow unicorn pills and a lawsuit from your former business partner aimed at shutting you down.

But that’s not all.

A closer look at the recent history of both Founder’s and Your Choice provides a fuller picture of just what it takes to become a fully accredited “real clinic,” according to the abortion industry’s rigorous standards.

Add in a few violations of Ohio law, outright rejection by your local medical community, a series of botched chemical abortions, and a $40,000 fine from the state health department, and you are on your way to becoming a bona fide “real clinic.”

A History of Law-Breaking

Founder’s Women’s Health Center, which opened as Ohio’s first abortion facility in 1973, has a broad history of activities that range from the unethical to the illegal, says Greater Columbus Right to Life, which has tracked and reported its shoddy operations extensively.

“They have been cited by health officials for sub-par facilities and failing to meet minimum standards of Ohio law,” says Greater Columbus Right to Life’s website. “Lawsuits and legal complaints have accrued, ranging from patient malpractice claims to failure to pay local, state, and federal taxes. To date, it appears as though they owe around a million dollars to various taxing agencies.”

Public records show the facility has reported at least 10 botched chemical abortions to the State Medical Board of Ohio, which has received an alarming increase of such reports from abortionists across Ohio since 2014.

And finally, in 2016, Founder’s teetered close to closure after a local hospital withdrew from its transfer agreement with the facility. That decision left the facility without the emergency backup care that is required by Ohio law. To stay afloat, Founder’s scrapped together a convoluted backup plan that was initially denied by the Ohio Department of Health before being revised and accepted last February.

A Network of Trouble

Founder’s “real clinic” credentials belong just as much to its illicit offspring, Your Choice Healthcare, now administering chemical abortions on the city’s north side.

Indeed, Your Choice manager, Terrie Hubbard of T&S Management—the defendant in Founder’s’ recent lawsuit—oversaw Founder’s operations for the last six years.

Today, along with Your Choice, she manages Capital Care Network of Toledo, another abortion facility which fought state orders to close after repeatedly failing to obtain a proper transfer agreement with a local hospital.

For years, not a single hospital in the Toledo area would enter an agreement with Capital Care Network. Eventually, the facility grew so desperate that it sought a contract out of state, orchestrating a ludicrous proposal to helicopter women to a hospital in Michigan if an emergency arose.

Needless to say, that plan didn’t fly with the Ohio Department of Health.

Only when the Ohio Supreme Court finally ruled the state law and order constitutional this year did one hospital—ProMedica—cave to the pressure of abortion activists, signing a transfer agreement, with the facility and thereby enabling it to remain open.

But trouble at the Toledo clinic continues as it faces a steep $40,000 fine from the Ohio Department of Health after perforating a patient’s bowel and shuttling her in an employee vehicle to a nearby hospital last spring.

The incident marked a clear violation of the facility’s own absurd emergency protocol and underscored both the clinic’s carelessness and the need for common-sense protocols that safeguard women’s health.

Yet Capital Care Network of Toledo still has not righted its wrong. In a hearing in June, Hubbard told a state hearing officer that her business couldn’t pay the $40,000 fine that was levied against the clinic a year ago this August, and that doing so would force Capital Care to close.

The Hypocrisy of the Abortion Lobby

The “real clinic” credentials of just these few abortion facilities are obviously plentiful. So plentiful and so preposterous, in fact, that the “real clinic” designation, of course, means absolutely nothing.

By operating outside the law and with or without the often reluctant support of local hospitals, these facilities have shown women just how far outside of mainstream medicine they really are, putting them squarely in the camp of “fake clinics.”

Yet pro-abortion lobbyists insist that pregnancy help centers are the ones peddling lies, deceit, and altogether illicit and unethical activities.

They tar and feather these centers with wild and unproven accusations, never turning a critical eye on the very facilities they protect.

Even now, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio seems to be staying out of the Columbus abortion fight.

How ironic, since every time the state tries to shutter an abortion mill, NARAL calls it an attack on women’s reproductive health. But now, as one abortion facility tries to close another, NARAL is nowhere to be found.

The hypocrisy, as always, is astounding. But so long as a couple of abortion outlets are busy cannibalizing each other for the title of “realest of real clinics,” pregnancy help centers can continue their service with unabated love, professionalism, and dignity. They don’t want those “real clinic” credentials anyway.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.