PA Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Down Syndrome Bill

By Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee has approved the Down Syndrome Protection Act by an overwhelming 10-5 margin. The bill, also known as House Bill 2050, would ban abortion in the sole case of a Down syndrome diagnosis for a preborn child.

Pennsylvania lawmakers were outraged when they learned that Iceland had nearly eliminated children with Down syndrome through systematic abortion. In the U.S., it is estimated that the vast majority of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed House Bill 2050 by a large, bipartisan, veto-proof majority. The full Senate could now take up the bill at any time.

“The worst kind of discrimination imaginable is to take an innocent life based on disability,” said Maria Gallagher, legislative director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. “House Bill 2050 would change the equation, so that babies with Down syndrome are protected under the law.”

Pennsylvania residents are urged to contact their state Senators and encourage them to support the Down Syndrome Protection Act.