Video showing in an amusing manner how bad pro-abortion arguments are goes viral

By Texas Right to Life

A video released last week that is going viral takes the abortion lobby to task for lack of logic and magical thinking. In the video, a woman posing as an abortion activist states, “Human rights – you may think you’ve always had yours, but you would be wrong.”

She then asks and answers the obvious question, “So how did you get your human rights? From the magical birth canal of course!”

The abortion industry claims that legal abortion is justified, because preborn babies are not human beings with the Right to Life and human dignity. What the abortion industry does not answer is how that suddenly changes the second the baby is born. Instead, they obscure the facts of preborn Life and use illogic to justify taking the life of an innocent and defenseless preborn baby.

For example, in a recent interview with Playboy magazine, Cecile Richards, outgoing president of Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion chain, claimed that “there is no specific moment when life begins,” or, “It depends on the pregnancy.”

The satirical video released by Canadian Pro-Life group Choice42, illustrates the absurdity of this position stating, “Before the baby or fetus is born, it is not a human being – clearly,” while the narrator holds a fully-formed, very human-looking newborn baby.

She explains, “But as it passes through the birth canal something amazing happens that transforms it into a person with human rights!” After demonstrating how a fully-formed baby with no rights moves through the “birth canal” and emerges from the other end as a human being with human rights, the woman coos, “Congratulations, you now have value!”

“So, what exactly happens in the birth canal that causes this magical transformation? No one knows,” she continues. “But popular scientific theories include fairies, aliens or, of course, a mini big bang.”

Satire and laughs aside, the video succeeds in presenting a serious philosophical argument. The Choice42 website includes a section on prenatal development showing the undeniable humanity of a preborn baby, who has a beating heart by the end of the third week and has measurable brainwaves by the sixth week. The name of the organization, Choice42 as in “Choice for two,” also points to the humanity of the preborn in outreach to women in crisis pregnancies with the line, “Make a choice you can both live with.” In Canada, where the video was made, abortion is legal all the way up to birth for any reason.

Laura Klassen, the woman in the video and executive director of Choice42, revealed in an interview the unlikely source of her impeccable comedic timing: Klassen spent 10 years as a professional opera singer. She says the group has more videos in the works, as Choice42 works to engage people online and raise awareness about pregnancy resources that are available to women in crisis across Canada.