Under Dawn Laguens Planned Parenthood’s killing machine will keep humming

By Dave Andrusko

Dawn Laguens

Not being privy to the machinations surrounding Cecile Richards’s successor, we can’t know if long-time executive vice president Dawn Laguens is merely a placeholder or a viable candidate to replace Richards as CEO and President of Planned Parenthood .

In the interim, Laguens is the face of PPFA and its acting spokesperson. If a recent interview with The Pride LA is indicative, Laguens is assuring any and all that the direction of the nation’s largest abortion provider will be no less gung-ho under her than under Richards.

Here are a few points she made in an interview with Samuel Braslow—and some he made about her. For example,

As an organization founded for reproductive justice, Planned Parenthood has long retained elements of its female-oriented origins. The tax-exempt corporation has taken some flak over its pink marketing, with some on the left arguing it reinforces gender stereotypes.

Just guessing but one gender stereotype neither Richards, Laugens, nor Braslow would step up to challenge is sex-selection abortion, because of which hundreds of millions of baby girls have “vanished,” courtesy of ultrasounds that identified their gender.

Choice is choice, after all, and nobody can challenge the legitimacy of choosing baby boys over baby girls.

Also as pro-abortionists have done since the beginning, Laugens attempted to hitch the annihilation of unborn children to other movements. Braslow writes

In the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp, Laguens sees Planned Parenthood at the forefront of the renewed dialogue about agency over one’s body. While #MeToo has been driven by revelations of predatory behavior on the part of individual men, Planned Parenthood has long fought the systemic violation of physical autonomy committed by governmental and judicial forces. To Laguens, there is a direct connection between the two.

So in the world of Pride LA and Planned Parenthood, attempting to find win-win solutions for mothers and unborn children is cut from the same cloth as predatory behavior toward powerless women. What’s scary is not just that they say such nonsense for public consumption, but that they might actually believe it!

Finally, we’re told until the day that “complete autonomy” for women is reached, “Laguens is confident in the organization’s strategy: Continue helping people.”

She adds

“Planned Parenthood is making a difference every day in the lives of people you know, allowing them to have control of their body, to have a shot at their dreams, to be able to complete their education, and of course to participate economically. So Planned Parenthood is actually the solution, not the problem in this country.”

Better put, under Richards, Planned Parenthood was the final solution for over 3.5 million unborn babies. None of them will “be able to complete their education” or “participate economically.”

Whether as a fill-in, or the next PPFA president, Laguens seems perfectly suited to preside over the deaths of 321,384 babies each and every year.