South Carolina and dismemberment abortions

Editor’s note. The following statement was issued by South Carolina Citizens for Life, following Thursday’s vote in the state Senate. A proposal to ban dismemberment abortions lost out for reasons explained below. South Carolina would have been the tenth state to ban these hideous abortions.

The South Carolina Senate effectively killed the bill to outlaw dismemberment abortion after a three-day filibuster by Senate Democrats.

After the Republicans were unable to muster enough votes to end the filibuster, the Senate voted 24-21 to send the bill back to the Senate Medical Affairs Committee for further study, for all practical purposes killing the bill since there were only three days left in the two-year session.

Militant pro-abortion Senator Brad Hutto, D-Orangeburg, proposed a disingenuous amendment banning all abortions. Republican agreed, hoping they could at least get the bill back to the House that last year passed the original version banning dismemberment abortions by a vote 89-17.

But as Sen. Hutto no doubt hoped, the debate shifted from stopping the savage, uncivilized dismembering of living unborn children to a specious and untruthful argument over Republicans wanting to “outlaw birth control.” The dismemberment abortion ban bill was doomed.

It is a setback for the unborn members of our human family who deserve legal protection from being drawn and quartered in the womb.

The right to life is the first civil right and without the right to life, there are no other rights.

South Carolina Citizens for Life has been very successful over the past 30 years in passing life-protecting laws that correlate with the dramatic 63 percent decline in the number of abortions occurring in our state. See the graph at our website www.sclife.org.

We will continue working, as we have since 1974, to promote the inherent dignity and intrinsic value of the unborn members of our human family. We will not stop until all children are welcomed into life and protected by law.

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