Man is devastated when “my baby was sentenced to be killed” in an abortion

By Sarah Terzo

A man named Randy tells his story:

“I was just devastated. I remember falling off my bed …and I couldn’t get up. I thought I’d lost my mind. At that point, I was totally destroyed. Everything I believed in – that good triumphs over evil – was destroyed. My baby was sentenced to be killed for no purpose and it made no sense to me. You have to understand… I know that I’m a father. And I know you’re going to take my child (whom I love, want, and would die for), tear it to pieces and throw it in the garbage. Now, you really don’t believe those things happen.”

John Stanhope, “The Other Parent: How Abortion Affects Men” Faith Today May/June 1988.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.