All in a day’s work for a “hero cop”

By Dave Andrusko

This post will be as brief as the story that it is based upon is amazing…and telling.

CBS News New York reported about a “hero cop” in Washington Township, New Jersey. Did he rescue a child from a burning house or save a crash victim?

Photo: Washington Township Police Department

Neither. Officer J. Vernon performed a C-Section on a mother deer who had been struck and killed, delivering both her fawns, using what the news outlet called “make-shift surgery.”  But he great assistance from Animal Control Officer Robert Lagonera.

Photo: Washington Township Police Department

Writing on the department’s Facebook page, Lagonera explained

Starting at 3:30 am [Sunday] I was dispatched to a deceased doe that was just hit and still had moving fawn inside of it. Washington Township police Officer Vernon took the initiative and performed an emergency C-section on the deceased doe saving one of the two fawn inside. I arrived and took it home to dry it off and get it warm while rubbing its chest to help the underdeveloped lungs work. …

Added CBS News, “The pair’s heroic work helping animals was not done Sunday, as both were dispatched to retrieve a loose horse who had wandered away from its paddock that same morning.”

Photo: Washington Township Police Department