45 years later… still lifting the veil of ignorance

By Dave Andrusko

Earlier this week, NRL News Today posted a terrific summary of pro-life victories this legislative session written by Ingrid Duran, NRL State Legislative Director. Yesterday, I wrote a post, based on a new poll from Morning Consult, which replaced the gloom and doom predictions of widespread pro-abortion victories this November with the truth: their own constituents very much favor fresh faces over incumbent pro-abortion Democratic senators in competitive races around the country.

Of course, pro-lifers know the battle can never be over until legal protection is returned to unborn children, and even then the forces of darkness will do everything in their power to wheedle pro-abortion initiative into public policy. So we have much work yet to do, but we do so knowing we have momentum and the truth on our side.

This all came to mind this morning when I re-read a story I wrote about the media’s gleeful response to the Roe v. Wade decision. Here are just two examples.

In a January 24, 1973 editorial the New York Times announced that class was dismissed:

“The Court’s seven-to-two ruling could bring to an end the emotional and divisive public argument over what always should have been an intensely private and personal matter.”

The Times was hardly a lone voice in the wilderness. CBS Evening News correspondent George Herman concluded his report the night of the decision with this frightening sentence:

“If the experience of New York State is any guide, America will eventually have one abortion for every two births.”

That would have meant one out of every three babies would be snuffed out, a staggering number. And if not for you, Herman’s prediction might well have proved to be on the conservative side.

But the Movement never “went away,” never succumbed to bullying, never retreated, and never gave up, even in the darkest days when pro-abortion Bill Clinton came into office loaded for bear and armed with a pro-abortion Democratic House and a pro-abortion Democratic Senate.

Roe v. Wade was the end product of a confluence of events and movements that changed the face of the nation. The lethal damage to unborn babies –more than 60 million babies lost–was and is incredible but not nearly as awful as it could have been.

And the collateral damage (euthanasia and assisted suicide, for example) could have been infinitely worse, if not for you.

Those ultrasound laws, for instance, were and are fiercely opposed by the Abortion Industry. The thought of even one baby slipping through their clutches is almost more than they can bear. But when the fuzzy generalization about there being “something” growing within a mother suddenly becomes a concrete reality–she sees there’s a baby in there!—the impact can be life-affirming.

Ending the abortion plague is all about lifting veils, particularly the veil of ignorance. Not so long ago the little ones were essentially invisible. Now their ultrasound pictures are found in photo albums and pasted on refrigerator doors everywhere; ultrasound images appear in advertisement after advertisement; and an ultrasound is often baby’s first album photo.

We have a pro-life President in the White House, all the more reason to keep educating, keep motivating, keep caring, and keep on keeping on.