Pro-choice author admits that abortion takes lives

By Sarah Terzo

Vivian Wahlberg, a pro-choice author from Sweden, says the following in her book about abortion:

“Often an abortion involves a conflict of an existential as well as ethical nature that can place both the nursing staff and the patient in a dilemma. To protect and save life and to sometimes assist at its very beginning are the ultimate goals of medical practice, and abortion is directly opposed to these goals.”

Although Wahlberg is pro-choice, she is admitting here that abortion is in opposition to saving a life. It is, therefore, taking a life. She knows this even though she supports legal abortion.

From Vivian Wahlberg, Memories After Abortion (Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing, 2007), p. 19.

Editor’s note. Sarah Terzo is a pro-life author and creator of the Clinic Quotes website where this appeared. It is reposted with permission.