The Juiciest “Allegations” Backfire Big Time

Browsing through NARAL’s new unhinged site, you start to wonder whether the group could use a safe space with puppy dogs and coloring books at its D.C. lair.

Under the general heading of “Fake Health Care Clinics Masquerade as Real Abortion Clinics,” NARAL laments that pregnancy centers both name themselves what they please and locate themselves where they please—often next to abortion mills.

The criticism is especially rich coming from an industry that virtually never includes “abortion” in the names of its own businesses—especially considering that monetized killing of unborn human beings is the only option presented at an abortion clinic.

As the site makes clear throughout, abortion businesses feel they own a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy. Any competing option is a mere insurrectionist—a “fake abortion clinic”—to NARAL.

So much for choice.

While examples of NARAL’s backfiring allegations abound at, the best by far is an accidental compliment the group pays to Option Line—a 24-7 pregnancy helpline that just answered its 3 millionth call this week:

“One of the most potent tools… centers have at their disposal is Option Line, a Heartbeat International program that operates as a 24-hour call center and web tool referring women to the nearest… center,” NARAL writes.

At well over 350,000 cries for help answered last year, Option Line’s reach surpassed Planned Parenthood’s abortion numbers for the first time. No wonder NARAL’s so complimentary of its life-saving competition.

The Site Exposes NARAL as Clueless Crusaders.

Not to be missed from NARAL’s new website: it really is a living monument to unawareness and a failure to grasp basic facts. In other words, it fits in pretty well with the larger body of NARAL’s work over the years.

From attacking pregnancy centers’ use of standard release forms, to calling attention to the fact that pregnancy centers are not subject to HIPAA compliance—because all their services are free—it’s painfully obvious the folks at NARAL are more interested in spreading lies than fighting them.

At one point on the website, a pregnancy center leader is criticized for saying she encourages clients to “wait” until they are seven or eight weeks’ along before coming in for an ultrasound. While NARAL brays that the timeline is just another “delay tactic,” most expectant mothers don’t get their first ultrasound until week 12 or later.

Predictably, the site also reiterates the abortion lobby’s strong opposition to Abortion Pill Reversal—which more than 400 women have used to stop a chemical abortion and rescue the life of their preborn baby instead.

To NARAL and the rest of the abortion-enamored Left, women like Rebecca, Shanelle and Samantha simply do not exist—and neither do the children they chose to rescue from an in-progress abortion.

There’s plenty to mock in NARAL’s latest drive-by, but its ghoulish hatred of women and children who choose life for their own babies is no laughing matter.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.