Writer complains that only women who regret their abortions talk about them

By Sarah Terzo

Pro-Choice author Jodi Enda complains that not enough people who have had abortions are publicly speaking about their experiences. Of course, she only wants stories from women who are glad they chose abortion. She laments the fact that the only people speaking out about their abortions are women who regret them.

“… Now, when a right they’ve taken for granted is in jeopardy, virtually the only people speaking out about their choice to terminate a pregnancy are those who say they regret having made it…”

Jodi Enda, “The Women’s View” The American Prospect April 2005.

Enda wants more women who are happy with their choice to tell their stories. What does the fact that so few women come out with “happy” abortion stories mean?

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.