Tim Tebow’s Terrific Super Bowl Ad Remembered

By Dave Andrusko

Yesterday I wrote a post that observed as of Thursday morning, I had not seen any Super Bowl commercials (leaked or previewed) that had a pro-life emphasis. So I revisited the famous Doritos “Ultrasound” ad.

Today, still not seeing any ad to write home about, I’d like to remember the famous commercial Tim Tebow made with his mother. Prior to it being shown pro-abortionists had no idea what it would say, but that did not prevent them from going off the deep end.

It was a reminder of what we’ve seen more and more: an attempt to censor pro-life speech, even the most “inoffensive” and even if pro-abortionists hadn’t seen what they were trying to censor.

Here’s what I wrote back in 2010:


We’re still battling the elements in the Washington, DC-Metro area (20 plus inches of snow over the weekend wreaked havoc with getting to work today), but that didn’t stop us from watching a very entertaining Super Bowl last night and the highly anticipated 30-second spot featuring Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam.

I grant you, this sounds one-sided, but the intolerant way the usual pro-abortion suspects responded in anticipation of a forthcoming “pro-life ad” played out exactly the way you would’ve expected. They attacked and whined and groused and bad-mouthed Mrs. Tebow. And that’s when they were on their best behavior.

Waving their “pro-choice” banners they were determined to censor her right to celebrate her choice to go ahead with a difficult pregnancy. “Pro-aborts behaving badly” was enough to give “pro-choice” a bad name.

But equally unsurprising was the ingenious nature of the ad Focus on the Family composed which umpteen gabillion people saw last night around 6:45 EST. It was folksy, funny, and fabulously effective.

Of course anything that subtly conveyed a pro-life message, rather than bludgeoned the audience–well, pro-abortionists would more have anticipated a pro-life conversion by President Obama. No pro-lifer could possibly be intelligent enough to use the spot to initiate a conversation, and then invite the viewer to go to Focus’s website for the details of Tim Tebow’s genuinely incredible story.

And I had to laugh out loud this morning when I read one news account that accused Tebow of “playing it safe.”

Goodness, gracious.

The full text of the ad is reproduced below. But you have to actually see the spot to appreciate the obvious love and affection between Mrs. Tebow and her Heisman Trophy-winning son. (And of course if you missed it last night you can view the spot all over the web.)

Some of the same ever-grumpier types were still complaining. When Tim mocked tackled Pam Tebow, some said it glorified violence against women. (I am not kidding.)

What goes round comes round. NOW and the Feminist Majority smelled blood (how dare CBS allow such an ad!), and goes to Def Con One. However, many of their soft-core supporters, embarrassed by the heavy-handed response, say, “Whoa, Nellie” and NOW looks absolutely and utterly foolish.

On top of that the Tebows get a “10” for their performance.

Sometimes life is sweet.

The ad begins with Pam Tebow holding a baby picture of Tim holding a football.

PAM: I call him my miracle baby. He almost didn’t make it into this world. I can remember so many times when I almost lost him. It was so hard. Well, he’s all grown up now, and I still worry about his health. You know, with all our family’s been through, you have to be tough.”

Unexpected a blue blur (Tim) races in to tackle Pam. She pops up none the worse for wear.

PAM: Timmy! I’m trying to tell our story here.

TIM: Sorry about that, Mom. You still worry about me, Mom?

PAM: Well, yeah. You’re not nearly as tough as I am.

The ad closes with text telling viewers to visit the Focus on the Family Web site for the full Tebow story.