Pro-choicers call homeless shelter for pregnant women “an outrage”

By Sarah Terzo

Pro-abortion writer Judith Orr describes how feminists were angry that a pro-life group was using tax dollars to build a shelter for pregnant homeless women [in Great Britain]. They would rather homeless women be on the street than be helped by a pro-life organization.

“… There was so much anger in March 2017 at the news that the Tory government had given 250,000 pounds raised from taxes on tampons and sanitary pads to the antiabortion organization Life. Life said it would fund a homeless shelter for pregnant women. Pro-choice campaigners argued that it was bad enough for necessary sanitary items to be taxed as “luxury” products, but for money generated by this “tampon tax” to be given to an organization that declares it won’t give up until “abortion is a thing of the past” was a “bloody outrage.”

Judith Orr, Abortion Wars: The Fight for Reproductive Rights (Bristol, UK: Policy Press, 2017), p. 91.