Pro-abortionists lobby for abortions for illegal immigrants

By Dave Andrusko

Our last post for Wednesday will be brief. A pro-abortion organization we have written about before–1 in 3 Campaign—organized a six-hour broadcast as part of a “Speakout” event Tuesday in Washington, DC “to advocate for increased abortion access for illegal immigrants and minority populations,” according to Grace Carr of the Daily Caller.

This presumably is an attempt to ratchet up support for the made-up-out-of-whole-cloth argument that women and girls who come to the United States illegally and unaccompanied have a “right” to abortion.

We’ve written numerous stories about four such girls, all of whom eventually secured their abortion, even though the Trump administration’s policy is not to “facilitate” such abortions. The Department of Justice argues that these pregnant teenagers may either go back to their home country of origin or “identify a suitable sponsor” but not simply be released on their own recognizance.

The Supreme Court has reported taken up the question but has yet to announce whether it will hear either the basic question– do undocumented pregnant immigrant teenagers have a right to an abortion?—and/or the second issue which is the Justice Department’s complaint that the ACLU misrepresented when the first girl (“Jane Doe” ) would have her abortion.

According to Carr, “In addition to the broadcast, women used megaphones to share their stories on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Tuesday night before meeting with members of Congress to discuss abortion access legislation. The women referred to their stories as ‘acts of resistance’ to President Donald Trump’s administration.”