NARAL, ACLU attack government official for trying to protect the unborn babies of undocumented minors

By Dave Andrusko

Scott Lloyd

As we have discussed in numerous posts, the abortion lobby (and in this case the ACLU in particular) is dead-set on creating a “right” to abort for any and all undocumented, unaccompanied minors entering this country. And perhaps even when they don’t want an abortion!

Anything or anyone who will not get on board this effort to create a right out of whole cloth comes under merciless attack. Which brings us to Scott Lloyd, director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As head of the agency that oversees undocumented minors who enter the United States without their parents, he is in the abortion lobby’s cross-hairs.

Last week, NARAL added its voice to the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus’s call to fire Mr. Lloyd. “We have known for some time that Scott Lloyd freely abuses his power in the most egregious way: denying those in his care their rights in order to advance his own extreme ideology,” huffed Kaylie Hanson Long, NARAL Pro-Choice America National Communications Director.

A little background. It is the policy of the Trump administration not to “facilitate” these minors’ abortions. We know about four cases to date in which the ACLU sued to remove the minors from the ORR’s supervision so they could abort.

They prevailed in all four instances, but these are but a down payment on the ACLU’s larger agenda: attacking the core policy of refusing to facilitate these abortions. According to the Washington Post there were 420 pregnant girls in custody in 2017!

A fifth case has surfaced, which we wrote about last week, which strongly suggests pro-abortionists push abortions even on unwilling minor girls.

Fox News’s Jake Gibson reported about a pregnant minor identified only as “Jane Doe.” He wrote

her guardians, Rochelle Garza and Myles Garza, assisted her on Feb. 6 by giving her documents to seek an abortion. The Garzas have represented other illegal immigrant minors seeking abortions.

But in a handwritten statement a day later, the woman in this case said she didn’t want an abortion anymore and didn’t want the Garzas representing her interests.

“At this time I have changed my decision to have an abortion,” the woman said in the statement, according to the court filing.

In an apparent reference to the Garzas, the woman said: “The people I saw yesterday were lawyers that made me sign, I … do not need their help because I do not want to have an abortion.”

Gibson further reported that United States District Judge Rolando Olvera granted the government’s request to replace the Garzas as the minor’s guardians.

The Supreme Court is deciding whether to hear the challenge to the Trump administration’s policy but, also, separately an allegation by the Department of Justice that in the case of the first undocumented teen in government custody who successful sued to obtain an abortion, the ACLU mislead the government about when the girl would abort.

NARAL attacked Mr. Lloyd for writing an eight-page memo in December in which, according to Tom McCluskey of March for Life, Mr. Lloyd

makes it clear that “sexual assault is the gravest offenses in the catalogue of offenses man can commit against his fellow man, or in this case, a teenaged young woman.”

The director also articulated that the only aggressor in the case before him was the attacker. It is not “possible to cure violence with further violence” by destroying the child.”

In his memo, Mr. Lloyd put it perfectly when he wrote

Refuge is the basis of our name and is at the core of what we provide, and we provide this to all the minors in our care, including their unborn children, every day…”