A chance Thursday to listen to Webcast discussion of an important Supreme Court case that threatens pro-life free speech rights

By Dave Andrusko

For decades National Right to Life has warned about attacks on the free speech rights of individual pro-lifers and, of late, pro-life pregnancy help centers, in particular.

Over the last five years we have detailed one ham-handed attack after another, all of which have failed to meet constitutional muster either partially or in total, in places such as Baltimore, Montgomery County (MD), Austin (TX) and New York City.

Tomorrow, at 9 p.m. (EST), there will be a national webcast, hosted by the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates [NIFLA] which will bring together 16 prominent pro-life leaders, including NRLC President Carol Tobias, and 73 organizations to discuss the upcoming March 20 oral arguments before the Supreme Court in NIFLA v. Becerra. You can register in advance to listen at stopforcedabortionpromotion.com.

This case not only will decide the challenge to California’s so-called Reproductive FACT Act. As Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing NIFLA in its challenge to a 2015 state law in California that forces pro-life pregnancy medical clinics to advertise abortions, has warned, the outcome will also determine “copycat and related mandates passed in Hawaii, Illinois, New York City, San Francisco and Hartford, Connecticut.”

This is a very, very important case and a wonderful opportunity for you to listen to the cream of the crop of those who are the front lines of defending the free speech rights of women-helping centers.

Register at stopforcedabortionpromotion.com and be sure to listen Thursday at 9:00 PM, EST.