Why We March!

By Lynda Bell, President, Florida Right to Life

Monday marked the 45th Anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. To date over 60 million precious babies have lost their lives to this gruesome life-ending procedure. So … We March!

I just returned from Washington DC where I participated in the March of a lifetime. Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers from all over the country joined together for this solemn occasion, and… We Marched!

We sang songs, and experienced the joy of belonging to a movement representing the civil rights issue of our lifetime. In unity of purpose we participated in a rally where our Pro-Life President and Pro-Life Vice President gave beautiful rousing and life affirming messages. And then…We Marched!

Last Friday, on a clear cool day in D.C., the House of Representatives passed legislation that would afford protection for unborn babies born alive during an abortion. The Born-Alive Infant Survivors Act passed 241-183.

Every Republican voted for final passage, but sadly only 6 Democrats. By their no vote, 183 Democrats voted for the intentional killing of a baby born alive. And so…We March!

I proudly held the Florida Right to Life Banner as thousands of Floridians joined with us to stand for the unborn, to stand for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Excitedly, as I scanned the crowd and our Florida group I could see they were overwhelmingly young! The next generation is decidedly pro-life. These extremely bright teens were excited to fight for a selfless cause. And so … We March.

But, what now? We are back in Florida rolling up our sleeves to fight life-ending euthanasia and abortion legislation

Please join us in our fight for life. Today we are pounding the halls of the Florida Capitol, educating many on our life issues. Help us defeat pro-abortion and life-ending euthanasia legislation by giving your most generous contribution.

Please join us in our efforts. Contact our state office for further information.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart – Lynda Bell