The joyous task ahead as we begin 2018

By Jacki Ragan Director, NRLC State Organizational Development Department

The holidays are now well behind us–and I hope you had a blessed Christmas–but it is now time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work. Believe me, while there is much work to be done, it is an honor for all of us, each in our own way.

January 22, 2018, will mark 45 years of Roe v. Wade. 45 years of abortion on demand. 45 years in which over 60 million lives have been lost and an untold number of mothers and fathers.

But as we have discussed at NRL News Today, the momentum is on our side. Planned Parenthood put out its annual report today which Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC’s director of education and research, will analyze and critique tomorrow.

There are many warning signs for the largest abortion provider in the world, but for all their well-deserved headaches, according to its new annual report, PPFA still aborted 321,384 babies during its 2016-2017 fiscal year. This must stop!

To defeat PPFA and the abortion industry and its apologists, we have to work smart. The smarter you and I work, the more babies we save. Our hearts have been pierced by their plight and we know that we have to be the voice for those unable to speak. We have to do everything we can. Not everything, just everything we can. Here are three important things you should do.

First, make sure you are a member of NRLC, your state organization, and your local chapter. Attend meetings, if you can. But please be a financial supporter, attend major functions, and know what is going on within your local community.

National Right to Life has led the fight for unborn children for nearly 50 years. We need your help to do what we do better than any other pro-life organization.

Please contribute to the “flagship of the pro-life movement,” as the late, great Rep. Henry Hyde described National Right to Life. You can do so by going to

Second, contact the pastor in your church and ask about putting inserts in the church bulletin. These inserts are inexpensive and educational. Including them in local pro-life churches not only will help spread the message that lives are being destroyed in massive numbers, it will also offer positive steps that everyone can take to help protect innocent human life. Maybe go a step further and contact other pro-life churches in your community!

Third—and very important— educate yourself. Nothing is more powerful than an educated pro-lifer. For starters take a few minutes and just read the back of the church bulletin insert. Know the facts and then, should the question arise, you can answer it with confidence and maybe make a real difference.

To dig deeper into the educational route, visit, or contact us and we will be happy to put a packet together and send to you! You can email us at or call 202.378.8843.

And you are reading this because you subscribe to National Right to Life News Today. Please make other pro-lifers aware of this powerful source of pro-life information that can be sent directly to their e-mail inbox every Monday through Saturday free of charge.

The bottom line? You don’t have to everything. Just do something to advance the cause of unborn children.

Why do I say this? Simply because some people are almost paralyzed by the thought that they have to devote so many hours per week. That is simply not so. It is the individual contribution of many thousands of people that makes our Movement work so effectively.

So, get active in your local chapter. Help promote the right to life cause in your community, among your friends and family, and in your church.

Decide today to do something and I can almost promise you that you won’t regret it. How can I confidently make that assurance?

You will have the privilege of speaking out on behalf of God’s most innocent children who have been sentenced to death—no trial, no jury—just an unjust, unfair, inhumane death. You will also be helping the moms who, for whatever reason, feel that abortion is their “only way out.”