Family shares powerful photos of baby born at 19 weeks

By Nancy Flanders

These pictures of Zane show beyond a doubt that he was a person – not the “clump of cells” or simple ” tissue” that the abortion industry would have us believe. Zane’s life, though short, is a testament to the humanity of preborn children. His tiny body shows how human he and other preborn children are, though they are often the targets of abortionists. At 19 weeks gestation, Zane was able to hear his mother talk and sing to him. He was learning to recognize the voices of those closest to him. Preborn babies at that age are also able to feel pain and respond to stimuli, such as needles, with elevated stress levels. Zane’s mother had likely begun to feel his little kicks and punches.

Preborn children are aborted at 19 weeks gestation through a procedure known as dilation and evacuation, during which they are dismembered limb from torso by the abortionist, who completes the gruesome procedure by crushing the skull. Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explains the abortion procedure in this video:

Children like Zane are beautiful human beings who are deserving of life. All they need is time to grow in the safety of their mother’s womb.

Editor’s note. This appeared at LiveAction News []and is reposted with permission.