SHOCKING: BuzzFeed Finds Multiple Clinics Selling Fake Abortions

By Jay Hobbs

Though abortion advocates have tried for years to make the “fake abortion clinic” label stick to pro-life centers that offer women a life-saving alternative, an investigation by BuzzFeed News has actually identified as many as six bona fide fake abortion clinics in Mexico City.

It only took visits to 12 of Mexico City’s 55 abortion mills for BuzzFeed—not exactly the paragon of journalistic zeal—to find six clinics selling fake abortions to unsuspecting women who weren’t even pregnant.

“Diagnosing” non-pregnant women with fake pregnancies, BuzzFeed reporter Yuriria Avila wrote that at least three abortion businesses in Mexico City were charging women as much as 4,900 pesos (or $250) per fake abortion.

As Avila writes:

At two different clinics, a BuzzFeed News Mexico reporter was even shown a small spec on an ultrasound that she was told was the embryo confirming her pregnancy and then felt pressured by doctors to decide which abortion method she would like. No blood or urine tests were provided to confirm the pregnancy, the doctor’s just had the information provided by the reporter – her period was late and she saw a faint line on a home pregnancy test.

In addition to the BuzzFeed News Mexico investigation, a group of three psychology students doing a class exercise visited 12 private clinics in Mexico City and were offered unnecessary procedures by six of them.

While the report—focusing on the only city where abortion is legal in Mexico—is shocking in and of itself, the occurrence of abortionists charging women for futile (and physically impossible) procedures isn’t limited to Mexico.

In 2014, Nareshkumar Gandalal “Naresh” Patel was arrested in Oklahoma on eight charges of “fraud for prescribing abortion-inducing drugs to patients who are not pregnant,” according to a press release issued by then-Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt.

Pruitt, who now heads the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), stripped Patel of his medical license and closed down his abortion mill after Patel pled guilty to a litany of stunning charges that were set into motion when Pruitt’s office and the Oklahoma Medical Board responded to complaints from pro-life group Operation Rescue.

Abortion advocates at NARAL Pro-Choice America, ReproAction and Lady Parts Justice League—a group led by former comedienne Lizz Winstead—have persistently accused pro-life pregnancy centers of operating as “fake clinics.” That charge is refuted most fiercely by the 99 percent of all women who report a positive experience at the locally funded agencies where many have rescued their babies from abortion.

In reality, pregnancy centers offer women free services including ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, material aid and ongoing help for women targeted by the billion-dollar abortion industry. In addition to serving women who are at-risk for abortion, pregnancy centers also offer emotional and spiritual help for women and men who have experienced past abortions.

There are currently over 2,700 pregnancy centers and medical clinics in the U.S. and 4,000 around the world—including 108 in Mexico—according to Heartbeat International’sWorldwide Directory of Pregnancy Help.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.