Abortion clinic brags that Hurricane Harvey did not interrupt killing machinery

By Dave Andrusko

Last month we ran stories from Pregnancy Help News and Texas Right to Life that were nothing short of heroic.

Jay Hobbs wrote about the utter devastation Hurricane Mari wrought in Puerto Rico. Jay told us about Joseph Pardo who runs the woman-helping center Cree Women’s Center along with his wife, Daisy, and all that they had done to “meet humanitarian needs that include access to food, clean water, safe shelter, hygiene resources and clothing through Cree Women Center’s parent organization, Love the Nations.”

Likewise Texas Right to Life explained how in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texans were trying to rebuild their lives. “Pro-Life pregnancy centers continue to respond to the urgent needs of the storm’s latest victims,” our Texas affiliate wrote. “Despite the fact that several Pro-Life pregnancy centers sustained damage during the storm, they have continued to reach old and new clients with much-needed aid.”

What was the Abortion Industry’s response in Texas? We knew they were busy doing harm but it wasn’t until this week that we learned just how extensive. “Whole Woman’s Health’s ‘Stigma Relief Fund’ had covered the total cost” of 85 abortions–“which would have been around $50,620,” according to a bedazzled Jackie Wang of the Dallas News.

Whole Woman’s Health is a familiar name to pro-lifers. They were the successful plaintiffs in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the Supreme Court decision that struck down efforts to compel abortion clinics to meet minimal safety thresholds.

Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health, patted herself on the back for the fundraising her abortion clinic had done and for its collaborative efforts with the Lilith Fund and other abortion groups to make sure no unborn baby lived who otherwise would have died.

The irony is difficult to miss. Hurricane Harvey caused untold millions in damage and was responsible for 82 deaths.

But Whole Woman’s Health did them one better–actually three better: 85 dead babies.

But they weren’t done yet. Whole Woman’s Health spokesperson Fatimah Gifford told Wang the delays caused by power outages “forced women to travel outside their communities to access health care.” This, Gifford said “demonstrate[ed] what would happen if a proposed abortion law banning ‘dilation and evacuation’ abortions were to take effect.”

If you remove the antiseptic language, what the Dismemberment Abortion Ban actually bans is dismembering living unborn children. Texas Right to Life put it this way:

The ban outlaws a gruesome abortion procedure in which a living preborn child is torn limb from limb while his or her heart is still beating. The dismemberment of a living child in utero is a barbaric and inhumane practice, and legislators acted upon their compelling state interest by protecting preborn Life with the Dismemberment Abortion Ban.

In the face of a natural disaster, the pro-life community rallies on behalf of life. In the same situation, the pro-abortion community congratulates itself that not even a hurricane can save unborn babies from their clutches.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night [nor hurricanes] stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”–killing as many unborn babies as possible.