The “Greatest Hits” of September’s NRL News

By Dave Andrusko

By now I’m trusting that our NRL News Today readers have made a serious dent in reading the entirety of the latest monthly edition of NRL News. That may be overly optimistic–the issue is 37-pages-long–but I’d like to encourage every one of the many readers of our Monday through Saturday NRL News Today offerings to be sure to take full advantage of what for decades we’ve described as “the pro-life newspaper of record.”

The IT types can tell you (meaning me) what stories from the September edition are the best read. Among them, I learned, is “Ohio Supreme Court hears appeal from Toledo’s lone remaining abortion clinic” (our readers very much enjoy state and local pro-life successes.) Then there is “Media filters out the brutal truth about the dismemberment of living unborn babies.”

NRL News readers also appreciate our coverage which heavily criticizes the ‘quality of life ethic,’ such as “A very timely reminder: the disabled were the Nazis’ first victims.”

And our President’s column is always well-read. This month Carol Tobias raises our spirits with “Recalling the progress we are making on so many fronts.”

Here are just a few more examples. We have several stories about courageous mothers who looked gloomy-eyed physicians in the face and said, “No, I am NOT going to abort my baby.”

Please take a few minutes out to read another story and then pass it–or all of the stories–to your pro-life family and friends.

Thank you!