Post-abortion woman: “I failed my daughter. I had failed to protect her.”

By Sarah Terzo

From one woman who had an abortion:

“I wanted to have that baby. I ‘knew’ it was a girl. I ‘knew’ she wanted to be born. I miss her, to this day I miss her. I was crying and very upset but assured the clinic workers that this was my choice and that I wanted to go through with the abortion. I wish they had refused to believe my lies. I did not allow myself to get angry very much. I was afraid of the power of that anger. I was depressed for nearly a year after that abortion. I felt like a failure as a human being. I had failed my daughter. I had failed to protect her. I hated myself for that.”

Helen Susan Edelman, “Safe to Talk: Abortion Narratives as a Rite of Return,” Journal of American Culture 19, no. 4 (1996).

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.