Clinton’s book tour to include key states she lost in 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Sometimes it so painful to point out the obvious that you tend to do everything possible to avoid it. For example, Hillary Rodham Clinton is that bad penny that will never stop showing up. But maybe if you pretend…if you avert your eyes…

Many people, including some who should have known better, announced her career was kaput after she accomplished what the media elite had announced was impossible: lose to a political novice, Donald Trump.

But that is to fundamentally misunderstand one-half of a couple whose insatiable hunger for money is exceeded only by their thirst for power. Add to that Mrs. Clinton’s penchant for confusing the ups and downs of her political fortunes with success for all women and you have someone who is on a mission.

The Hill wrote today that “Clinton to travel to Wisconsin one year after election loss.” Here are the lead paragraphs in Jacqueline Thomsen’s story:

Hillary Clinton is heading to Wisconsin to speak about her election loss.

Clinton will travel to Milwaukee on Nov. 9 — one year and one day after she lost to President Trump on Election Day — to discuss “What Happened,” her upcoming memoir about her defeat.

Clinton’s book tour also takes her to Michigan, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania — all states she lost on Election Day.

Clinton unexpectedly lost a number of close states, including Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

This book tour for her memoir offers many pluses for the former Secretary of State.

She will have months to nurse her enormous store of grievances (the list is endless) in front of audiences who will uncritically accept her laundry list of excuses why she lost. She will toss out a perfunctory, “I couldda done this or that better” but the message will be clear: she was robbed of her rightful prize, the presidency, by a vast right (and left and center) wing conspiracy.

The tour, which will go on for three months, should help book sales for What Happened. Mrs. Clinton clearly believes the longer the better and this tome, we’re told, will weigh in at 512 pages.

But to Clinton, the biggest potential plus is a kind of retroactive campaign swing in anticipation of another presidential run in 2020. As Thomsen observes

Many have blamed Clinton’s election loss on her not spending enough time in those states, and particularly doing nearly no campaigning in Wisconsin, which had gone Democratic in the previous seven presidential elections.

Any downside? Well, there are an awful lot of Democrats who are looking around at the intra-party chaos and bemoaning a continuation of Clinton’s endless excuse-mongering.

How does a party that is in the midst of a quasi-identity crisis (which includes pretending to be open to pro-life House candidates whose only use, if elected, would be to dutifully follow pro-abortion Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s marching orders) move forward with Clinton sucking up enormous amounts of political oxygen?

The official release date for What Happened is September 12. I can barely curb my enthusiasm.