Bogus complaints about pro-life billboards tossed out

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortionists are notoriously bad winners–see any of the dismissive comments they make when a federal judge strikes down legislation enacted by the people’s representatives–but are even worse losers.

The following is one of those stories that could only happen because the anti-life crowd is also virulently anti-free speech.

The Northern Ireland pro-life group “Both Lives Matter” put up a billboard that read

100,000 people are alive today because of our laws on abortion. Why change that?”

This is an allusion to the never-ending campaign to scuttle Northern Ireland’s protective abortion laws.

Predictably The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said it received 14 complaints. Complaints about what, you might ask?

That the advertisement was misleading and that the 100,000 saved lives figure couldn’t be substantiated, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Note the initial irony. Pro-abortion advocates never cease to complain about how “draconian” Northern Ireland’s abortion laws are and the ensuing “unmet need” for abortion– meaning unborn lives are being saved in large quantities. Anyway….

The ASA threw out the complaints. It said in a statement

“On balance, we concluded that the evidence indicated that there was a reasonable probability that around 100,000 people were alive in Northern Ireland today who would have otherwise been aborted had it been legal to do so.

“Because we considered that readers would understand the figure to represent an estimate, we concluded that the claim was unlikely to materially mislead readers.”

“Our opponents said we could not substantiate the claim, despite us producing a robust report,” said Dawn McAvoy from Both Lives Matter (BLM). “The ASA have examined our calculations and backed our figure.”

McAvoy added

“Their expert concluded that it is reasonable to say that 100,000 people are alive today who would have otherwise been aborted had it been legal to do so.

“This independent verification is a real endorsement of our campaign.”

How did BLM come to its 100,000 saved lives figure? The 1967 Abortion Act which is a hugely permissive law in Great Britain, does not apply to Northern Ireland. And because of this, babies who would otherwise have been aborted were not killed.

Specifically, BLM “provided a link to a report it had published on its website, outlining the methodology it had used to arrive at the figure, which considered the abortion rates in other parts of the UK,” the BBC reported.

So how did pro-abortionists respond? By changing the subject. “When we talk about 100,000 pregnancies, we don’t talk about 100,000 women,” said Fiona Ferguson from the People Before Profit party which had “concerns” about the billboard.

Ferguson then went into the typical pro-abortion rant about women being “forced to give birth against their will because they weren’t able to travel to England,” “pregnancies resulted in disabilities or shortened lives,” and the like.

Not, you understand, that the 100,000 figure was not a plausible estimate. Rather the complaint was that the advertisement did not include pro-abortion talking points.