What makes illegal, unsafe DIY abortions somehow acceptable?

By Béatrice Fedor

Editor’s note. This appeared at 400 Words for Women and is reposted with permission. As she makes clear, pro-lifers carry more for women than pro-abortionists promoting do-it-yourself abortions.

This comic strip illustrates the attitude of many pro-choicers towards illegal abortion. They use the argument that we need to legalize abortion because women die in DIY [Do It Yourself], unsafe abortion. But when Women on Web, an organization that gives instructions online for DIY abortion with pills and sells pills in countries where abortion is illegal, Pro-Choicers don’t seem to have a problem with that.

The organization ROSA, which website refers Women to Women on Web, had an illegal abortion bus recently giving away pills and DIY abortion instructions in Ireland.

Le Planning Familial, the French affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, shamelessly advertises for Women on Web on their website.

We are talking about DIY abortions. We are talking about illegal abortion. What makes it acceptable? Why is it that illegal abortions= bad, unsafe, deadly but when Women on Web is doing it, it’s different?

I will share two things from their website but I’m not posting links/screenshots because there’s NO WAY I’m sharing DIY abortion info on my website!

On one page, they tell women to buy certain drugs to have an abortion under 10 weeks with the phrase: “Medical abortion provokes a miscarriage.” But of course! It’s just a miscarriage, right? The drugs are just going to cause a natural event and she’ll tell herself everyday: “I had a miscarriage” so she can look at herself in the mirror. Oh I hate lies!!! Grrr!

On another page, they instruct women to buy one kind of drug (God knows from where) and take pills to abort a child at 12 weeks gestation. 12 weeks!!! Can you imagine? The risks, the shock when she holds the tiny baby in her hand? Grrrr!

How do we know how many women have been injured? How many have bled to death? How many have been traumatized to see a little dead child falling in the toilet?

This is not normal, this is not safe! I’m Pro-Life, so to me, there is no “good abortion.” Legal or illegal, it always takes “at least” the child’s life and injures the mother “at least” psychologically.

This is your friendly reminder that we are in 2017 and abortion is barbaric! Women on Web represents regression for humanity.

Encouraging women to eliminate their children; telling them that they “need” DIY abortion…

Easy, just take pills and, oh, a pool of blood in the privacy of your bed!

A dead child! Trauma! Maybe you’ll die?

Isn’t that wonderful?!