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Oral arguments set on pro-abortion challenge to “Yes on 1” for August 2

Editor’s note. This comes from Tennessee Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate. As Tennessee RTL explained in a prior post, “Planned Parenthood board chair, Tracey E. George and other Planned Parenthood board members filed a federal lawsuit claiming that voter rights were violated and that ballots were not accurately counted in the November 4, 2014 election. The suit asks for a recount of the votes or to nullify the results.”

Yes on 1 “responded and called the lawsuit one more example of pro-abortion activists refusing to trust the ‘common sense and compassion’ of Tennesseans who voted to approve Amendment 1 on November 4.”

More than 2 years after Tennesseans approved pro-life Amendment 1 by a vote of 53% – 47%, oral arguments will be heard next week in the state’s appeal of a pro-abortion lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood board members who challenge the state’s method of counting the votes on Amendment 1. In 2016, former lower court Judge Kevin Sharp agreed with Planned Parenthood, demanded a recount and threatened to void the election results.

On Wednesday, August 2, a panel of 3 judges on the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will take up the appeal and decide whether or not the state correctly ratified the pro-life Amendment to the state Constitution. Judges to hear the case include Honorables David McKeague (G.W. Bush appointee), Richard Suhrheinrich (G.H.W. Bush appointee), and Ronald Gilman (Clinton appointee.) The case is No. 16-5563, Tracey George, et al v. Tre Hargett, et al .

YES on 1 and Tennessee Right to Life coordinated a Friend of the Court brief which includes the signatures of 8,850 Tennesseans who stand to be harmed if their votes are thrown out.

More importantly, the lives of countless unborn children could be lost if Amendment 1 is struck down and state laws protecting women, girls and unborn children are nullified.

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