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NRLC-endorsed Ralph Norman defeats militant pro-abortionist in South Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District

By Holly Gatling, Executive Director, South Carolina Citizens for Life

Exactly 64 years after the day he was born, Ralph Warren Norman Jr. was elected as the pro-life endorsed candidate to the 5th Congressional District of South Carolina.

Not only that, Republican Norman defeated Archie Parnell, a militantly pro-abortion Democrat, in the special election to fill the seat formerly held by Mick Mulvaney after President Donald Trump appointed pro-life Mulveney to head the Office of Management and Budget Office.

“We congratulate Congressman-elect Ralph Norman on this wonderful victory,” said Lisa Van Riper, President of South Carolina Citizens for Life. “Not only is it a perfect birthday gift for him, but because of his pro-life position it will also mean birthdays for many unborn children.”

Drew McKissick, chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, said of Norman’s victory, “We once again rejected a radical left-wing pro-abortion politician. We keep that seat in pro-life hands which is critical for the success of the pro-life movement going forward.”

Norman told supporters, “I believe with [pro-life Republican President Donald] Trump in the White House, we have a great opportunity as conservatives. Washington needs leaders to help maintain the God-given right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Norman’s victory marks the fifth of five 2017 elections in which the pro-life candidate endorsed by National Right to Life won.

Pro-life Republican Karen Handel also claimed victory last night over pro-abortion Democrat Jon Ossoff for Georgia’s 6th Congressional seat to replace pro-life Tom Price who is now President Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.

In each of these five elections–four congressional, one mayoral– the Republican was pro-life and opposed using tax dollars to pay for abortion, while the Democrat candidate supported unlimited abortion, and supported using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion on demand.

In each of these races, National Right to Life Victory Fund informed pro-life voters about the stark contrast between the candidates on life.

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