“A fetus becomes a human being when the woman decides it does”

By Sarah Terzo

Joyce Arthur, executive director, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

From pro-abortion supporter Joyce Arthur:

“So all in all, a woman’s reasons for having an abortion are ethical. … A fetus becomes a human being when the woman carrying it decides it does. Pro-choice leaders and activists are wrong to encourage debate on the status of the fetus. They are wrong to publicly speculate on its moral value. Their opinion about the fetus is just as irrelevant and just as dangerous as the opinion of the most fanatical anti-choicer. Because when we inject our opinions about the fetus into the public square, it just shows our lack of respect and trust for the moral authority of pregnant women. “

Joyce Arthur, “The Fetus Focus Fallacy.” Pro-Choice Press [Pro-Choice Action Network], March 2005.

If a woman decides her five year old is not a human being, does that make him not one?

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.