Ten Deeply Ironic Comments from Pro-Choice Media Activists

By Sarah Stites

The pro-choice movement is often illogical. Here are ten examples of the irony that abounds among its proponents.

1. Planned Parenthood Encourages Girls to ‘Slay’

After liberal director Joss Whedon (famous for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, among others) produced the short pro-Planned Parenthood film “Unlocked,” the abortion provider encouraged girls to “Watch. Share. Slay.” The use of the millennial lingo “slay” was gruesomely fitting, yet the irony was lost on the organization.

2. ‘Mom’ Cast Donates Money to Planned Parenthood

When the producer of CBS comedy Mom decided to donate the show’s Emmy budget to Planned Parenthood, he didn’t see any irony in the move. Nor did Mom star Allison Janney. “It makes sense,” Janney, who was wearing a Planned Parenthood shirt and pin, told the co-hosts of CBS This Morning. “Our show is all about women and we don’t shy away from dealing with all issues that affect women and families.”

3. Katie Couric Claims Female Fetus Can Feel Male

In a discussion with Ellen DeGeneres about her documentary, “Gender Revolution,” Katie Couric described some biological theories for transgender feelings. “Sometimes a surge of testosterone can make … a female fetus feel as if that baby is male or that person is male,” she explained. Wait — so a fetus is a person? And a fetus can “feel” his/her gender? Sounds pretty pro-life. But Couric is a Planned Parenthood sympathizer and a proponent of the pro-choice movement.

4. No Deal

Liberal activists have worked hard to promote the faulty notion that abortions make up only three percent of Planned Parenthood services in order to minimize the organization’s most controversial offering. Yet, when President Trump offered to keep federal dollars flowing to the group if they quit providing abortions (a minute aspect of their organization, right?), the pro-choice community went up in arms and the media spun the deal negatively.

5. ‘Silent Night’: The Abortion Soundtrack

Feminist media cheered when Scandal protagonist Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) had a “groundbreaking” on-screen abortion. As if that was not disturbing enough, Silent Night – a hymn celebrating the birth of Christ – played in the background as the “procedure” took place. “It was a Christmas episode, and we played Christmas music,” showrunner Shonda Rhimes stated in defense of her choice.

6. Lena Dunham: Wish I’d Had An Abortion

In December, progressive actress and Planned Parenthood champion Lena Dunham declared that she wished she had had an abortion so that she could sympathize with women who had. Then, in an unexpected plot twist, Dunham’s character on the HBO show Girls became pregnant and actually kept her baby.

7. Louis CK: ‘Killing a Baby’ or ‘Taking a S**t’

When vulgar comedian Louis CK exclaimed that having an abortion could be equated to “taking a s**t” or “killing a baby,” several liberal journalists were not pleased. Vogue Senior Culture Writer Julia Felsenthal noted that “you’d be hard-pressed to find a pro-choicer who regards the choice as anything like ‘taking a s**t.’” But if a fetus is not a person, and abortion is just a “medical procedure,” is it really that much different?

8. Maxine Waters: Marching for Her Right To Be Aborted?

At a 2004 march, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) reportedly stated: “I march because my mother couldn’t get an abortion.” You don’t have to think hard to see the irony in that one. In fact, it’s always ironic when pro-choice activists and their parents together wax eloquent about Planned Parenthood, like the time progressive vocalist Lin-Manuel Miranda teamed up with his mother Luz, a PP board member, to promote the organization.

PPFA's Cecille Richards9. Cecile Richards: Women Will Lose Their Lives

In a discussion with BuzzFeed News Editor-in-chief Ben Smith, the Planned Parenthood president opined that the GOP healthcare bill would result in women’s lost lives. As MRC Culture previously noted: “Never mind that her abortion giant ends hundreds of women’s lives every day – one limb at a time.”

10. ‘Juno’ Cast Raise Money for Planned Parenthood

In the 2007 movie Juno, a teen (Ellen Page) finds herself pregnant, but chooses to have her child and give him up for adoption. Despite the seeming pro-life message of the movie, Page and co-star Jennifer Garner used the film to fundraise for Planned Parenthood this year. Clearing up any confusion, director Jason Reitman told Entertainment Weekly: “Juno had a choice, and that was the most important part.”

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.