Latest digital edition of National Right to Life News now available

By Dave Andrusko

It was very nice to be able to publish the May digital edition of National Right to Life News just a few hours after the administration of pro-life President Donald Trump announced an expanded policy named “Promoting Life in Global Health Assistance,” which will apply pro-life conditions to a broad range of health-related U.S. foreign aid.

Back in January we’d explained that when the President reinstated the Mexico City policy he also instructed the Secretary of State “to implement a plan to extend the requirements of the reinstated Memorandum to global health assistance furnished by all departments or agencies.” Monday the State Department announced the implementation of the President’s directive.

As a grateful NRLC President Carol Tobias said in response, “Under the Obama Administration, the U.S. foreign aid program was hijacked to promote abortion worldwide. We commend President Trump and his appointees for taking steps to ensure that U.S. taxpayer funds are directed through organizations that work to preserve human life, not to take it.”

That’s just the lead story in the latest digital edition of the “pro-life newspaper of record.” The 41-page issue is chock-full of the kind of information, inspiration, and encouragement pro-lifers have come to rely on.

Naturally, there are many posts about the rapidly-approaching June 29-July 1 National Right to Life Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and some of the speakers who will address the convention. (For information, go to

For example, there is a story about the remarkable Buell family and their son Jaxon who though he was born with only a fifth of a normal size brain, brings joy and blessings to Brittany and Brandon Buell. Mr. Buell will speak at the convention.

As will Dr. David Prentice, who wrote a very helpful story for the May issue that untangles myth from reality about stem cells. We conducted an email interview with Dr. Joel Brind, who explained the latest barrage of evidence documenting that having an induced abortion increases a woman’s chance of having breast cancer. Dr. Brind will also share his expertise.

Likewise we write about legislative successes and the invariable legal challenges to those laws which states attorney are ably defending.

NRLC’s in-house research expert and director of education, Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, has produced three stories that will be invaluable as you fight the usual pro-abortion propaganda offensives. For example on page 12, there is a story whose headline says it all: “Study claims waiting period laws don’t work even though minds are changed and lives saved.”

For those who are interested in politics, we have a collection of insightful stories. A theme running through all of them is the Democratic Party’s self-inflicted wound–its intolerance for any pro-lifer and it determination to push abortion further and further and further.

And no issue of NRL News would be complete without stories about babies whose doctors advised their mothers to abort but who refused. These women are genuine heroines.

Please read the May digital edition of NRL News cover to cover and forward individual stories (and the entire issue) to pro-life family and friends using social media.