High School and College Students! PULSE Leadership Institute, June 5-9, Baton Rouge, La.

Editor’s note. This information about an exciting opportunity for young people comes from Louisiana Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate.

The following is the pro-life testimony of Hailey Guth, a student at Barbe High School in Lake Charles. Last year’s PULSE Leadership Institute made a difference in her life. What could this year’s pro-life leadership training opportunity do for you? If you are an adult, please send this information to at least 2 high school or college students you know and encourage them to register today! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND TO REGISTER.


My Pulse Leadership Institute Experience

By Hailey Guth

Hailey Guth, center, with LARTL Youth Programs Co-Directors Alex Seghers and Krista Corbello.

Hailey Guth, center, with LARTL Youth Programs Co-Directors Alex Seghers and Krista Corbello.

For most of my life, the terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice” lacked any real meaning. In my mind, they were merely labels placed by society to separate people into opposing groups. Growing up Catholic, I always considered myself pro-life and have held firm beliefs in respecting the life and dignity of my neighbor. However, I thought the issue of abortion did not pertain directly to me, and therefore I did not have a role in the pro-life movement. Although I was morally opposed to abortion, I felt I had no right to tell others what to do, to invade their privacy, to push my beliefs on them. I failed to understand the gravity of the silent war between life and death happening legally in our country.

Last summer, I went to the Pulse Leadership Institute (PLI) knowing I would be the president of my high school’s newly formed pro-life club, but I lacked the knowledge, communication skill, courage, and conviction necessary to lead others to be passionate advocates for life. I could not preach about something I knew so little about and didn’t practice myself.

PULSE truly taught me what it means to have courage, to be a servant, and to love. After a week of stellar trainings, hilarious skits, beautiful conversations, and invaluable opportunities, my heart became fully convinced of my calling to continue pro-life work. I left this camp with essential knowledge, quality training, confidence, precious memories, and lasting friendships to help me lead my school’s club and be pro-life in my everyday encounters with others.

After my experience at PULSE, I began to view the term “pro-life” as an invitation, a calling, a responsibility to see the inherent dignity of every human person (born and unborn), to fight against injustice, to put others before myself, to love so radically as to stand up for the vulnerable, speak out for the defenseless, and to encourage others to do the same. Life is being taken from the most innocent, vulnerable victims who should be safely cradled in the comfort of their mothers’ wombs. With this, I learned that abortion affects us all, including myself, and our human family is weakened by the loss of so many of our members. Abortion is not merely a woman’s issue but a human rights issue. This is the most important issue of our time, as so many of our precious brothers and sisters have been lost to the “freedom of privacy” or “choice.”

It is my great honor and duty to be a leader in this movement of love, compassion, and truth. Knowing what we know, we cannot be silent! We have a duty to protect the unborn child.

I did not really know what PULSE was before I went, but I was pleasantly surprised and am now forever grateful for the gift that it was. The formation I received in this short week sparked a passion in me that has fueled my actions over this past year and helped me spread what I learned to my family, church community, and high school campus.

I encourage all high school and college students to attend this camp and join the pro-life PULSE!