David Daleiden to speak at NRLC 2017 Convention in Milwaukee

By Dave Andrusko

David DaleidanWith the beginning of the 2017 National Right to Life Convention now less than six weeks away, pro-lifers will be delighted to know that David Daleiden will be speaking June 29 at 12:20 – 2 pm.

For information about the convention and how to register, go to nrlconvention.com.

Mr. Daleiden, a citizen journalist and the project lead at The Center for Medical Progress, became nationally known in 2015 when CMP undercover investigators posed as buyers of “fetal tissue” (an umbrella term that includes intact hearts and lungs and pancreas and brains), and asked the kinds of questions someone who is the middleman would ask of the abortion industry.

The product of this 30-month-long “Human Capital” investigation was a lengthy series of videos that documented Planned Parenthood’s unsavory involvement in the procurement and sale of body parts from aborted babies.

NRL News Today wrote about these videos at great length. The inhumanity and callousness and gallows humor of numerous Planned Parenthood officials shocked the nation’s conscience. Mr. Daleiden will talk about this and much more at the convention.

Mr. Daleiden is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College with a B.A. in Government. His writing has been published in The Weekly Standard, The Human Life Review, USA Today, and The Hill. David has appeared on many radio and TV broadcasts.

He joins a long list of illustrious convention speakers which includes Ben Shapiro, Wesley Smith, Ryan Bomberger, Ann McElhinney, Dr. Joel Brind, and Dr. David Prentice.