Bill headed to Iowa Governor that defunds abortion providers

By Dave Andrusko

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad

You have to give the pro-abortion-to-the-core Des Moines Register credit: they don’t even pretend to be non-partisan. (More about that momentarily.)

Yesterday, on a party-line vote, the Iowa Senate followed up House approval Wednesday by okaying the $1.77 billion Health and Human Services budget bill–Senate File 515.

“The bill calls for Iowa’s Department of Human Services to discontinue the federal Medicaid family planning network waiver, foregoing about $3 million in federal funding,” according to William Petroski of the Des Moines Register.

“Instead, the state will use about $3.3 million to recreate its own family planning network so that it can prohibit the funding of clinics that provide abortions,” Petroski added. (That includes Planned Parenthood.)

Jenifer Bowen, spokeswoman for Iowa Right to Life congratulated legislators: “This sends the powerful message that Iowans and their government do not support taxpayer funding of abortion providers while simultaneously providing increased access to healthcare and family planning services by funding many more federally qualified health clinics, county and local clinics, and other providers.”

LifeSite News reported that Republican Sen. Amy Sinclair promised that healthcare would still be provided “in a way that is balanced with the needs and the concerns and the conscientious objections of those taxpayers that we represent who frankly are offended to their very soul by the intentional and unnecessary termination of the life of another human being.”

Petroski’s story is rife with criticism from pro-abortion sources. But, in addition, readers who view the story online are greeted with a video produced by the Register showing opponents of the change and a stream of statistic favorable to public support of Planned Parenthood.

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