April Digital edition of National Right to Life News now available

By Dave Andrusko

As of three hours ago, the 38-page-long April digital edition of National Right to Life News is now available to readers far and wide. I trust you will read this exciting issue of the “Pro-life Newspaper of record” from cover to cover and forward it to your pro-life friends and family.

As you would anticipate, there are multiple stories, editorials, and a President’s column celebrating the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. As the headline to our lead story summarized it, “U.S. Senate Republicans disarm Democrats’ filibuster, confirm Neil Gorsuch to U.S. Supreme Court.”

We will be discussing the contents over the next few days in greater detail, so let me just whet your appetite.

For example, there is the wonderfully encouraging news that the Trump administration is redirecting U.S. funding away from United Nations Population Fund which is up to its eyeballs in China’s coercive population control policy, including forced abortion.

There is also a reminder that the beginning of the National Right to Life Academy is right around the corner. Students interested in participating in the 2017 summer program, which will run June 29, through August 4, should email the Program Director Rai Rojas at academy@nrlc.org.

Prof. Joel Brind, the leading expert on the connection between induced abortion and breast cancer, offers a reader-friendly story that explains the latest evidence of the “ABC” link.

There are also stories about laws informing women that chemically-induced abortions can be halted and laws that ban sex-selective abortions, the ultimate “War on Women.”

And you have the opportunity to help NRL “set the table for the next wins” by contributing to the work of the National Right to Life Committee.

All this–and just for starters!

Please begin reading the April issue and doing NRL News a huge favor by passing links along using your social media contacts.