Pro-aborts and Media mercilessly and unfairly target Kellyanne Conway

By Dave Andrusko

I’m not pretending to have any prophetic powers. None were needed.

It seemed obvious (even self-evident) to me as early as last August when she was named then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign manager that Kellyanne Conway would be in the pro-abortion/media elite’s crosshairs. How could it not be?

Just consider, on the one hand all the boxes she checked off (which made her enemies mad) and all the ones Mrs. Conway didn’t check off (which made them even angrier).

For example, she is one of us. Mrs. Conway is pro-life through and through. She has worked as a pollster for many, many pro-life candidates and delivered a general session speech at the 2006 National Right to Life Convention.

In other words, many pro-life candidates are in office today, at least in part, because of her company’s superb work. Many see her appointment as now-President Trump’s campaign manager as a turning point. That included me then, and it includes me now.

But it’s more what Mrs. Conway isn’t that drives her opponents to sink to new levels, levels so low I will not dignify them by repeating them.

She is not a Democrat. The Abortion Industry is uniformly so, as is the Media Elite, with a handful of exceptions. She could never, ever be forgiven for that.

Mrs. Conway is a powerful woman. When a woman has power and is a Democrat, it is hailed as a breakthrough for women’s equality. But a Republican woman receives only a back of the hand. She is (at a minimum) a “traitor” to “women.” The ugly, dismissive, sexist comments are her just due for failing to toe the party line.

Mrs. Conway hit it on the head in a Q&A at the recent CPAC gathering–there is a “presumptive negativity about women in power” by the pro-abortion Feminist Establishment when that woman is a Republican.

Perhaps her worst “crime” is Mrs. Conway thinks for herself. She talked about “individual feminism” and “conservative feminism” at CPAC.

Here’s part of what she said to Mercedes Schlapp:

It’s difficult for me to call myself a feminist in the classic sense because it seems to be very anti-male and it certainly is very pro-abortion in this context. And I’m neither anti-male nor pro-abortion, so there’s an individual feminism, if you will, that you make your own choices. Mercedes, I look at myself as a product of my choices, not a victim of my circumstances. …

I remember thinking at the time her refusal to play the victim was the last straw.

Speaking of victim cards, no sooner had Conway talked about how she couldn’t be a feminist in the “classic sense” because “it seems to be very anti-male and it certainly is very pro-abortion in this context,” than the same women who make abortion on demand the sine qua non of being a feminist holler that just wasn’t so.

The hypocrisy (to put the gentlest label on it) is stunning. Katie Yoder, over at Newsbusters, did a wonderful job listing just some of what could have been a gazillion examples of how abortion is a secular sacrament to many of the same women who denounced Conway for “play[ing] to the crowd.”

How far has the ugliness spread? I was listening to a sports talk show [!] coming into to work today and the co-hosts tried to outdo each other in making cruel fun at Conway’s expense.

Without getting off topic there is a personal scandal of sort that is unfolding right now that features a prominent Democrat and his family. It will be managed and minimized and made to seem much ado about nothing by his friends in the media.

Were that a prominent Republican family, they would be hung out to dry, mercilessly criticized and mocked from pillar to post. The cruelty would be applauded by the same people who would never think to do that to a Democrat.

Too bad the Media Elite is so blinded by their embrace of abortion and hatred of President Trump that they cannot even begin to understand why this vicious bias is causing the public’s trust in them to sink even lower by the hour.

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