Chinese late term forced abortion victim speaks out on International Women’s Day

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post from Women’s Rights Without Frontiers. The full post can be read here.

Yue Zhang shared the devastating reality of her forced abortion in China.

Yue Zhang shared the devastating reality of her forced abortion in China. Photo: Karen Cross

WASHINGTON, D.C. March 8, 2017– March 8 is International Women’s Day. Women’s Rights Without Frontiers presents the heart-wrenching testimony of Yue Zhang, who suffered a late-term forced abortion under China’s One Child Policy in 2013, because she was unmarried.

“Ms. Zhang is heroic in her courageous determination to tell the world about the late-term forced abortion she suffered in 2013,” Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, stated.

She was forcibly aborted because she was unmarried. It remains illegal in China today for an unmarried woman to have a child. Ms. Zhang also was given the ‘option’ to pay an impossible fine. The Chinese government today continues to present women with ‘terror fines’ that can be many times their annual salary. When these women cannot pay, they are forced to abort. Some may go into hiding and give birth secretly. In this case, their child will lack household registration, orhukou. Without hukou, this child will have no official existence – she will be ineligible for healthcare and education, will not be able officially to work or marry, will not be given a passport and so will not be able to travel.

Littlejohn will be presenting at an event at The Heritage Foundation, together with Congressman Chris Smith and Ms. Zhang. The topic is continued coercion under China’s Two-Child Policy. Littlejohn commented: “As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we must remember the millions of women, children and families whose lives have been destroyed and continue to be destroyed by coercive population control in China. Little explained

2016 began with the deceptive announcement by the Chinese Communist Party that it had ‘abandoned’ or ‘scrapped’ the One Child Policy. This language is misleading, as it gives the impression that forced abortion and coercive population control have ended in China. Nothing could be further from the truth. To the contrary, both forced abortion of unmarried women and of third children continues. Further, the sex-selective abortion of baby girls continues.

Moreover, gendercide continues. Now, according to an article from a Chinese news service published in January of this year, married couples are circumventing mainland Chinese law against sex determination tests for unborn children by employing genetic testing firms in Hong Kong. …

“It makes absolutely no demographic or economic sense for the Chinese government to continue to impose birth limitations of any sort whatsoever. China’s population problem is not that it has too many people. It’s that it has too few young people and too few women,” Littlejohn said.

“We need to keep the international pressure on the Chinese Communist Party until all coercive population control is eradicated.”

Yue Zhang ‘s full testimony can be read here: