Adopted woman told by Pelosi she wants all women to be able to “chose”…to abort

By Dave Andrusko

A tip of the hat to PJ Media for airing portions of a Town Hall meeting held by pro-abortion House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.)

The video picks up with a young woman identified as Brianna Kristyn Roberts politely, gently, kindly making the following statement, followed by a question.

“I am part of the pro-life generation. I believe that abortion is not the answer for unplanned pregnancy.” [A sentence and a half in, Pelosi’s forced smile has already vanished and her tongue has started to brush over her upper teeth.]

My birth mother was faced with a decision that many women today are facing. Without the means of properly raising a child, she chose the most ethical decision, and chose adoption. With her courageous and unselfish decision to make such an awesome decision, I now have the ability to thrive and succeed in life. Don’t you think that everyone needs the ability to thrive and succeed in life?”

A seasoned veteran, Pelosi stands and responds, “I certainly do, and I love the word you used: you said my mother chose. My mother chose. [Audience applauds.] And we want other people to have that opportunity to choose as well.”

Two quick points. First, no doubt Pelosi’s blood ran cold when the beautiful, poised, and articulate Ms. Roberts started her question with the statement, “I am part of the pro-life generation.” Nothing is more upsetting to the old pro-abortion feminist establishment than to be told their time has passed.

Second, after her first quote, noted above, Pelosi went on to say that whenever she is asked what are the three most important issues facing the Congress, she responds, “Our children, our children, our children.”

This is almost a reflex on her part, an excuse to move away from what happens and to whom in an abortion, to switch the topic to who are the “real” children–the ones who escaped Planned Parenthood’s clutches.

Kudos to Ms. Roberts, her birth mother, and the family who adopted her.