“Energized” pro-life Pennsylvanians begin ceremonies to commemorate 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Erie’s People for Life Breakfast was attended by more than 625 people.

Erie’s People for Life Breakfast was attended by more than 625 people.

A headline from the Erie Times-News really says it all: “Huge ‘Energized’ Crowd Attends Erie Pro-Life Event.”

In Erie and throughout Pennsylvania, pro-life activists are energized and engaged, thanks to the prospect of victories ahead with incoming pro-life President-elect Donald Trump and Congress setting a new life-affirming agenda in Washington.

The Times-News reported that more than 625 people attended a recent breakfast sponsored by Erie’s People for Life, a chapter of National Right to Life’s state affiliate, the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. You can visit the chapter’s website at www.peopleforlife.org .

Pro-life Congressman Glenn Thompson (R-5th District) was quoted as saying that he sees “a younger generation that is more pro-life than previous generations. There’s a message there: Protecting the innocent and unborn appears to be important to a growing number of people in that generation.”

People for Life will also be holding its own March for Life through the streets of Erie on Saturday, January 21st in a show of solidarity for pregnant women and their preborn children.

Erie is only one of a number of communities across Pennsylvania holding special events to commemorate the tragic 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision known as Roe v. Wade. In southwestern Pennsylvania, another chapter, Beaver County Pennsylvanians for Human Life, will be holding a Respect Life Memorial Service January 21st to remember those who have lost their lives to abortion.

Meanwhile, in historic Gettysburg, Adams County Pennsylvanians for Human Life will be sponsoring a pro-life prayer rally on January 23rd. The event will allow people of different faiths to come together to pray for an end to the immense tragedy of legal abortion.

Scranton Pennsylvanians for Human Life will host a Respect Life Prayer Breakfast January 28th featuring Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, an expert on forced abortions in China.

In addition to these local events, thousands of Pennsylvanians will be boarding buses bound for the massive March for Life in Washington, D.C. January 27th.

Last year some of these valiant marchers spent hours stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike because of a snowstorm. Their perseverance demonstrates their inspiring commitment to witnessing to the sanctity of innocent human life, from conception to natural death.

If you live in Pennsylvania and you are looking for a bus to the March for Life, please contact the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation through our website at www.paprolife.org. There, you can also find information about how to become involved in the pro-life cause in your local communities.

As Cathy Preston, an attendee at Erie’s People for Life breakfast, told the Times-News, “Things had become very dire for pro-life folks given the last eight years. Trump is very pro-life, and this is our first chance to seriously do something. The time is now for Roe v. Wade to be turned over”—and for the issue of abortion on demand to be returned to the states.

And in Pennsylvania, the state that has been called the Keystone of Democracy, pro-lifers are enthusiastically preparing for the day when a legal blanket of protection can be extended to preborn children and their mothers—the day when no more babies will die, and no more mothers will cry, thanks to the end of the Roe regime.