Pregnancy Apps are powerful tools in the fight to protect unborn babies

By Dave Andrusko

Bless her heart, what a wonderful post by Bethany Mandel today at The Federalist.

Her headline is nothing short of perfect: “A Simple Pregnancy App Demonstrates the Humanity of Abortable Human Babies: Sorry, abortion advocates. An unborn baby that can grasp, suck its thumb, hiccup, smile, and frown is more than a lump of tissue.”

Mandel, a senior contributor and freelance writer, is 20 weeks pregnant with her third child. When Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act last week, pro-abortionists went ballistic, including the usual nonsense about “clumps of cells.”

This prompted Mandel to “tweet a missive from the train, the movement of which makes my own 20-week gestation baby do somersaults.” It’s reproduced below:

Mandel does a wonderful job of briefly outlining some of the major developmental stages for every unborn child long before the 20 week stage.

For example,

In weeks 14 and 15, babies behave in a purposeful manner. Turns out they aren’t unaware balls of tissue floating in amniotic fluid. The pregnancy app notes of this stage of development, “simple facial gestures may now be visible on ultrasound, including grimacing and squinting.” Imagine how these babies behave when vacuum aspirators make an appearance.

When babies reach 17 weeks gestation, pregnant mothers using this iPhone app learn their babies begin to hear sounds. At 18 weeks, a baby’s reflexes are more developed, and begins yawning and hiccupping.

But the overriding point is this is the kind of information is now readily available at any of hundreds of pregnancy apps:

As any pregnant woman with a smartphone can attest, the information is out there. Simply download a popular pregnancy iPhone app and learn just how much humanity is in such a small “clump of cells.”

Mandel ends by recalling how technology has become so instrumental in helping us protect unborn babies:

In this information age, expecting moms easily can — and should — fact check abortion activists’ statements. If they do, they quickly will realize that their unborn child is not the blob of tissue or clump of cells that the abortion industry claims. The unborn child is a unique, growing human being complete with his/her own individual DNA.