“Great Elector Revolt” fizzles, Trump secures Electoral College Win

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life President-elect Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Pence, pro-life vice president-elect.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey aptly summarized yesterday’s actions of the Electoral College voters: “In the end, the Great Elector Revolt hit Hillary Clinton harder than it did Donald Trump.”

In spite of a flood of millions of dollars of advertising, the pleas of Hollywood, attempted bribes (various deep pocketed types promised to pay the fines of those who failed to vote as their state had voted), the conjoling of much of the Establishment Media, and reports of electors being flooded with messages and intimidation, there were only seven faithless electors–and five of them chose someone other than Hillary Clinton.

In typically grown-up fashion, the New York Times editorialized it was time to abolish the Electoral College, a “living symbol of America’s original sin [slavery].”

I followed The Washington Post’s coverage yesterday as the tally rolled in. On the front of its webpage there was a link to a constant updating under the headline, “The electoral college is poised to pick Trump — despite push to dump him.”

Directly underneath was a link to another story: “How Germany’s electoral college was set up to prevent another Hitler.”

You have to give them this: Nothing subtle about the Establishment Media.

Kansans for Life did a very nice story on the vote yesterday, using it as a bridge to reminding their audience just how large a role NRLC’s political committees played in rallying the pro-life vote for President-elect Trump.

As NRL Political Director Karen Cross explained

National Right to Life and its political entities, National Right to Life Political Action Committee and National Right to Life Victory Fund, were actively focused on 60 of the most competitive federal races overall: the Presidential race, twelve U.S. Senate races, and 47 races for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Despite the dire predictions and huge financial disparity, National Right to Life’s political entities won 10 of the 12 closely contested Senate races, or 83%.

In the most competitive pro-life/pro-abortion U.S. House races, National Right to Life political entities won 39 of the 47 races, again 83%. Overall, we won 50 of the 60 closest races in the country, once more, 83%.

Although you didn’t read this other than places such as NRL News Today, in a post-election poll taken by the polling company/Women Trend on November 8, 49% of all voters said that abortion affected their vote. How did they vote?

31% of those “voted for the candidates who oppose abortion (pro-life),” while only 18% “voted for the candidates who favor abortion (pro-choice).” This was a 13% advantage for the pro-life candidate.

POLITICO had this mini-headline to a story it ran yesterday: “Donald Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton follows a desperate and unprecedented attempt by Democratic electors to foment a revolt against him.”

The descriptor that was missing is “dangerous.” As we wrote yesterday, tampering with the Electoral College would never give the likes of pro-abortion Democrats pause. However, anyone who genuinely cares about our democracy– regardless of whom they voted for on November 8– does.

Mr. Trump “won again,” Secretary Clinton lost again. A fitting conclusion: the “deplorables” carried the day once more.