Changing America’s storyline — for the better!

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

In this era of remakes, it’s often interesting to see how an actor or actress attempts to re-define a role. Whether it’s a television adaptation of “Hairspray,” “Grease,” or “Peter Pan,” it can be intriguing to view a production with a new player in the lead.

And yet, around this time of year, some perennial favorites from decades gone by appear on the small screen, attracting audiences who were not even born yet when the films debuted at local theaters.

What would “The Sound of Music” be without the enchanting Julie Andrews? Or could anyone but the charming Charlton Heston pull off the epic “Ten Commandments”? And “Miracle on 34th Street” would somehow seem less miraculous if a young Natalie Wood had not been cast as the skeptical second-grader who tests the gift-granting prowess of Kris Kringle.

In other words, these were roles that these memorable actors seemed born to play.

And so it is with every human being–each one of us is particularly gifted to play his or her part on the planet. Whether we fulfill that role, to the best of our ability, is up to us. But each individual, as part of the vast and varied cast of humanity, deserves the chance.

The tragedy of abortion, then, is three-fold: First, it deprives a member of the human family of an opportunity to take on the role he or she was meant to play. Second, a mother and father must come to grips with the absence of that unique, irreplaceable child in their lives. And third, the world must struggle along without someone whose unique mission is left undone.

The possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide nearly 44 years ago, brings the promise of ending a tragedy far graver than any that Shakespeare wrote.

It would also lead to a new storyline for our nation, giving birth to the hope of the better tomorrow that every child represents.