Woman murders new mom, kidnaps newborn baby girl

By Dave Andrusko

yesenia-sesmas  The stories don’t get much sadder than those tragic instances where a woman kills another woman because she wants her newborn baby.

The Associated Press reported that Yesenia Sesmas admitted she killed Laura Abarca-Nogueda but tried to blame the 27-year-old mother by telling police that Abarca-Nogueda  backed out of a deal at the last minute to give Sesmas the baby .

She also insisted she had not intended to kill the woman but that the gun she had threatened Abarca-Nogueda  with accidentally went off in Abarca-Nogueda ‘s home in Wichita.

“Sesmas was jailed in Dallas on a Kansas warrant, with first-degree murder and kidnapping charges pending, and Kansas authorities are seeking her extradition,” the AP reported.

Wichita police Lt. Todd Ojile said Sesmas had known Abarca-Nogueda  for years “and had spent some time in Wichita before returning to Texas to live several months ago.”

   A huge investigation began immediately,  including 25 FBI agents. As a SWAT team executed a search warrant, they found Sophie at 4:30 am last Saturday morning  unharmed in a house in Dallas.

“The baby was inside the home along with Sesmas,” the AP reported. ”Also living there were Sesmas’ boyfriend along with the suspect’s son and niece. Police do not believe the others in the home were aware of the woman’s plans, Ojile said.”