Woman forced into a sex-selection abortion, but British authorities refuse to press charges out of “political correctness”

By Dave Andrusko

Mandy Sanghera, human rights activist and government adviser

Mandy Sanghera, human rights activist and government adviser

Regular NRL News Today readers will remember the dozens of stories we posted about a 2012 undercover Daily Telegraph investigation that revealed beyond doubt that abortionists in Britain were willing to abort a child simply because the unborn child was a girl.

The prosecutorial bureaucracy–the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)– first punted and finally decided (amazingly) that a prosecution was not in the “public interest.”

Over the weekend a story appeared, again in the Daily Telegraph, under the revealing headline, “CPS ‘blinded by political correctness’ dropped sex-selective abortion case, government aide reveals.”

Mandy Sanghera, a human rights activist, told the Daily Telegraph’s Hannah Summers and Camilla Turner that the CPS “failed to secure what could have been the first conviction for sex-selective abortion after dropping a case amid fears of ‘political correctness.’” Prosecutors opted out of a case that involved an Asian woman whose family forced her to abort “for fear of being labeled racist.”

“When her family found out the baby was a girl, she was put under a lot of emotional pressure and duress. She did not want to have that termination,” said Ms. Sanghera. “She already had a girl and they said ‘what about the dowry? We can’t afford to have another daughter’.”

According to Sanghera, the woman wanted to prosecute but the CPS “refused to press charges for the offence, claiming it was not in the public interest and that it was a ‘family matter,’” Summers and Turner wrote. “The husband later pleaded guilty to controlling behaviour and was sent on a course.”

Sanghera told the newspaper, “Because they didn’t think she would make a competent witness…because she didn’t have physical injuries, they said it wasn’t in the public interest,” adding

“She felt [the case had been] abandoned for cultural reasons. Her having that termination was the nail in the coffin after all the psychological abuse. When she went and asked for help she didn’t get it.”

Sanghera concluded

People are so scared about being political correct that they are blinded. They have lost their moral compass and their ability challenge cultural norms that have no place in 21st century Britain.”

“These are very vulnerable women and we have a duty to safeguard them,” Ms. Sanghera said. “Not to have their story or their crime taken seriously because it’s not in the public interest is actually making a mockery of the justice system.”

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