The devastation to Democrats from their militant pro-abortionism

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Obama

Pro-abortion President Obama

As promised on Wednesday, we are continuing to post a series of follow-up stories to what is certainly the greatest political upset of my life time: the ascendency of pro-life Donald Trump over there-can-never-be-enough-abortions-for -me, Hillary Clinton.

Let’s start with what is dawning on the Media Establishment which has functioned as pro-abortion President Barack Obama’s security blanket and all-purpose defender. The irony is that by feeding his already immense ego, the Washington Post/New York Times, et. al media colossus ensured that Obama would try to adopt policies sure to alienate not just Middle America, but any person who respects the constitutional separation of powers and is center-right on the political spectrum, which is what our country is.

Clinton ran for Obama’s third term which was inevitable, given her need to mobilize his coalition to have a chance to win, but which put her at a disadvantage.

The results, as the Washington Post wrote today, “Democrats face a power outage in Washington — and an identity crisis.”

Consider Obama’s real legacy found in the opening sentences: “The biggest stain on Barack Obama’s political legacy may turn out to be the decimation of the Democratic Party on his watch. Democrats have been shut out of power in Washington, with the White House and both chambers of Congress in GOP control starting in January. In state houses across the country, their ranks have been decimated.”

How “decimated” in the states? Karen Tumulty, John Wagner and Tom Hamburger tell us

During the Obama presidency, more than 900 Democratic state legislators were defeated.

On Tuesday, Republicans picked up additional legislative chambers, and continued to make gains in state houses, with 24 states now having the “trifecta” control of both houses of the state legislature and the governor’s mansion. The victories for the GOP Tuesday included picking up the Kentucky House for the first time in almost a century and gaining control of the Iowa Senate.

Why is this important to us? Overwhelmingly Republicans are pro-life, at the national level and in the 50 state legislatures. By contrast at the national level there are virtually no pro-life Democrats and their ranks in the states have shrunk dramatically.

Which, of course, is why the ginned-up pro-abortion hysteria that followed the election of Trump is so out of touch with reality and so telling.

In the debates, Clinton muzzled her hyper-abortion advocacy. But in news programs (and softer programming like “The View”), Clinton’s (a) commitment to publicly-funded abortion on demand, (b)opposition even to a ban on partial-birth abortions, and (c) a firm belief that the unborn child has no rights even just hours before birth, unmasked her as an extremist’s extremist.

That is the doctrinaire position taken by virtually all Democrats. It is hopelessly out of tune with a strong majority of the American people.

By contrast, particularly in the third debate but also elsewhere, Trump voiced the most straightforward, unequivocal pro-life position any pro-life presidential candidate has ever taken.

That didn’t “cost” him anything with the wider public. And Trump’s stock, already on the rise in the pro-life community, continued upwards as it did in the Evangelical Christian community.

When you look at the states pivotal to carrying the day, you can be sure that the nearly five million calls NRLC made to pro-life households in the closing hours of the election made a difference.

We’ll return to this again and again. The Democratic Party chose to become an extension of PPFA and NARAL and EMILY’s List. It has cost them dearly. It will continue to hurt them badly in the future.

American community overwhelmingly votes Democratic which unless you take that into account, skews how the “female” vote is understood.

So while Clinton beat Trump by 12 points among all women, Trump won 53% of white women. If you break it down further, what Clinton would probably call “deplorables”–white women who were not college graduates– voted for Trump 62% to 34%.

Trump carried men (53% to 41% for Clinton) and White men in particular (63% to 31%). Moreover among White men without a college degree, Trump’s advantage was almost 3-1: 72% to 23%

One surprising outcome–based on the narrative going in– Trump also carried white college-educated men by 15 points , 54% to 39%.

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