Planned Parenthood operative advocates for “children,” just not unborn children

By Dave Andrusko

Francie Hunt

Francie Hunt

A tip of the hat to Live Action News for making readers aware of “It is time to stand up for women’s bodies,” a by-the-numbers op-ed produced for The Tennessean newspaper by a local Planned Parenthood operative.

While Francie Hunt, the executive director of Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood, crushes President-elect Donald Trump, that is just a way of getting to and at her real targets: Tennessee’s pro-life elected officials. To her chagrin, Tennessee has passed a passel of pro-life measures.

Anything new in Hunt’s observations? Not really.

After all this is Planned Parenthood–the global leader in producing the corpses of aborted babies–we are talking about, the same “provider” which takes in a half-billion dollars from the federal government alone.

She slanders Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, insisting they “do not care about women’s health and lives” and by extension those Tennessee GOP officeholders who supported the Trump/Pence team who “showed that party loyalty trumped core American values.”

Of course, we are to believe that Hunt’s loyalty to PPFA is not merely to the largest abortion provider in the galaxy (which happens to pay her salary) but to such “core American values” as slicing, twisting, mangling tiny arms and legs and poisoning helpless late term babies.

Picking up speed, Hunt tells us, “It is my bone-deep conviction that the majority of us understand that women are human beings worthy of respect.” Pro-lifers share that understanding. However our bone-deep conviction includes unborn females (and males) who are also worthy of respect.

But no Planned Parenthood propaganda piece would be complete without a 100% bogus assurance that they care about the children. Hunt informs us she is a life-long advocate “for children.”

Actually she goes further. “Every child should be cared for and loved.” Wow!

Sorry, I omitted a slight qualification: “Every child should be wanted, cared for and loved” (my emphasis).

Adding that single word means a death sentence for a million “unwanted” unborn children in the United States alone, each and every year.

Hunt ends, “We must grow our voice so that our laws and elected officials represent our values.”

Agreed. Hunt is on to something, she just has the actors wrong.

It is pro-lifers who have “grown our voice.” That’s why both Houses of Congress, the presidency, a vast majority of state legislators and governors are pro-life.